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November 30, 2006

For Life, not Just for Christmas: German Market

Long time no visit, my blog :-)

Today I went to Birmingham to see a play, Alice in Wonderland, which is not very impressive. However, this German market I visited this afternoon really took me by surprise. In fact, I was much enlighted by the trip to the market.

As the slogan read, “For life, not just for Christmas.” Most people are drawn here to do some Christmas shopping, which seems to be a tradition for the local British people. I thought I would never enjoy it because I am not a shopping queen, U know. Much to my surprise, this German market was more than just a shopping market. Looking at all the lights and colors from a wide range of stalls selling all kinds of items, I suddenly realized that Christmas was around the corner. I felt much moved by the warm feeling the market trip had brought to me. Warmth filled my heart and I found I was smiling to everyone again. Honestly deep in my lheart, I found some life coming out, not for the Christmas shopping but for all the humane touch it bought up.

Walking about half an hour, Paula, Anna, Bacu?, and I had a tea break at a cafe. We shared our food and at the moment, I just uttered carelessly that the spirit of Christmas is sharing. Yes, it’s the spirit that made me feel connected to the others here. I guess I have been too confined to myself for I need to focus on finishiing my assignments and doing my study. I didn’t try to or had little energy left to socialize with the others. I have been feeling lonely and unable to let down my hair a bit. However, this afternoon I found myself getting to know these friends much more. I talked a lot to them and enjoyed our conversations.

On my way back to school after the play, I spent about half an hour talking to Anna, from Moldovo. I loved talking to her and I felt much better to learn that I was alone. Also, I foud I was speaking English to exchange info with her. Believe it or not, I thought that was the longest chat I had these days. I thought to myself, “Will I want to continue having such stressful study life in the following 2 weeks or just make some adjustments to my ambitious plan?” I had planned to finish 3 assignments in 2 weeks. This mission almost impossible almost pushed me over the edge; I went to bed around 4am last night. I didn’t want this kind of life at the enlightened moment.

I thought about a poster I had bought yesterday. It’s a poster form the movie, “Trainspotting.” The main theme is about choosing. Living in this modern world, we are given a lot of choices. We may choose to live in the city or in the countryside. We may choose to buy a LCD TV or to do with an old Tv. Some choose to live a stressful life while others prefer to live thier own lifestyles. For me, this inspired me a lot since I hold the key to my life. I am the master of my own life. Well I choose life and I won’t push myself that bad.German Market

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