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October 03, 2006

Reflection on my life here at Warwick

After a talk to my personal tutor, Annamaria, I was inspired by her to creat my own blog. Enlightened and encouraged by her, I feel a need to get to know my life, me myself, and my school better.

So far I have been here for one complete week and have been feeling a lot of emotions. Sometimes I felt hopeful as I saw the sun came out finally in the late evening; other times, I felt miserable and pathetic after failing to open my mouth to strike up a conversation with someone I intended to talk to.

Having been juggling with so many trivias, I feel a bit messy. One day, I walked all the way to Tesco with a promise to myself—not doing too much shopping—but ended up with 3 bags of items in hands. In fact,it is my aggressive attitue that has pushed me over the edge. I have tried to participate in as many social events as possible. However,unfortunately they don’t take place at one single place. In other words, I have been on the run for the next stop, either to the Sports Fair at Student Union, or to the Christian Union at Chaplaincy for free snacks. With a full tight schedule, I even misplaced the trial of TaiChi at Sports Center on this afternoon. (should be tomorrow evening) Running panting for breath, I found no TaiChi masters, but Judo exercisers there.

My aggressiveness has brought me a question: will I be able to cope with such a packed lifestyle? I want to take a course in French/Spanish, work part-time, and join one or two societies. With so many reading lists at hand, will I be able to survive?

Of all the problems along the new lifestyle, I have found it really challenging for me to make friends. I wanted to be a friend to other International students during orientation events, but most of them seemed to stick to their own gang. I have been alone, hoping to meet people and let them have the opportunity to talk with me too. However, it didn’t turn out fine partly because I felt shy at times and partly because I looked uneasy to approach (?) Or simply it’s a matter of feeling insecure and holding on to “Linus’ security blanket?”(

After one week of adjusting to a new life, I think I still have to improve my English listening to be able to understand people of so many accents. I must keep on hard work and take up courage to enquire anything.

Life here is rich and full of vibes. I know just as the British weather changes like a woman, I will arbitrarily experience many ups and downs in a sole day. No matter what at least, my eyes always glitter with beams of light as the rainbow turns up after the rain.

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