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January 25, 2005

Lesson 17 – Right Hand Circuits

Todays lesson was a “formal” session on crosswind circuits. I have had a go at crosswinds circuits before (lesson 14) with mixed success.

In addition to notes from lesson ? when doing a touch and go – after landing the ailerons should immediately be turned into wind

well that’s the theory

I must admit I felt reasonably proud of myself today. There was a lot going on but a managed to I hold it all together. For a start its a lot different doing right hand circuits – the view of the runway (or lack of it) is completely different. Also you do get used to the familiar landmarks – (I felt lost without my familiar chimmney on the crosswind leg to aim for) My landing were reasonably good although I was relying on the instructor a bit too talk me down – ie left to my own judgement I proabably would have flared a little too early. But no bad landing and approach was much better. (Also managed to keep height steady on circuits)

January 03, 2005

Circuits and Radio – Lesson 15

Another good day for circuits. Good visibility with cloudbase well above circuit level. With a wind strength of 13 kts anddirection 240 deg, there was only a small crosswind component ~ 2 kts.

Did 4 circuits in all – very pleased with landings and my approach to runway was much better. Got the climbing and descending nailed at 70kts. Also did the radio myself this time.

However I have developed a tendancy to climb during the downwind leg. I think this is due to the fact that I have not trimming correctly. During the take off climb I am trimming too much nose up and then after levelling out on crosswind leg not correcting the trim enough. Hence trim still set for nose up and therefore I drift upwards. (Tip: very rarely need more than 1 turn of wheel in either direction)

Calculating the Crosswind components

Follow-up to Crosswind Circuits – Lesson 14 from Christine's Flying blog

Cessna 152 has maximun crosswind component of 12 kts. Before taking off I need to ensure that the crosswind component of the wind is less than 12kts

Calculation- The Sixths Rules of Thumb

First calculate angle between runway and wind direction . Taking lesson 14 as example wind direction 270 deg runway is 230 deg – therefore angle = 40 deg

then apply rule

if angle = 10 deg then crosswind component = 1/6 wind strength
if angle = 20 deg then crosswind component = 1/3 wind strength
if angle = 30 deg then crosswind component = 1/2 wind strength
if angle = 40 deg then crosswind component = 2/3 wind strength
if angle = 50 deg then crosswind component = 5/6 wind strength
if angle = 60+ deg then crosswind componnet = wind strength

So at 40 deg and 17 kts wind strength – crosswind component = ~ 12kts

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