December 15, 2004

Wellesbourne Circuits Again

Coventry wouldn’t let us do circuits today so rather than abandon lesson decided to do circuits at Wellesbourne.

The weather forecast stated broken cloud at 1500 ft- However it proved to be more like 1100 ft – just at circuit height. So visibility was poor.

Found our way to Wellesbourne and had to do a rather complex right hand circuit (standard circuits are left hand). Complex because we wanted to fly round the back of a town (noise abatement rules) which put us at a awkward angle onto the runway. There was some low lever turbulance which made climbing and landing a bit more difficultHad a better idea of controlling power for approach and managed to fly down the runway a bit instead of plonking the plane down.

Unfortunately (probably due to not enough lunch) after about 1/2 hours I began to feel really nauseus. Managed to fly and land at coventry but was very green by time got out of plane

Also tried a powered landing with full flaps (normally landing is with no power and two stages of flap). Having full flaps gives you much more drag so you need to pitched more nose down to maintain airspeed – result is a runway has a different perspective. (Steve you should try this one)

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    I've tried two different landing techniques in my long(!) flying career. My home brew technique, used until fairly recently, was no power and full flaps. It worked, but I wasn't as critical back then. If I didn't bounce much, and I landed on and stopped on the runway, I was happy. I've recently done the landing lessons in MSFS2004 and the approach there is different. The landing is powered (about 1800rpm, if memory serves), with only 10 degrees of flap, and an airspeed of about 75knts. I'm having quite a lot of success with this technique. If you get it set up right, it just glides in. Right at the end, kill the power and flare. Easy:-)

    This is with a 172, which may well behave differently from your 152. I must get myself a 152 and see how different it really is. Do you have one you could point me at?

    16 Dec 2004, 10:44

  2. Christine Smith



    FS2002 version – will this work?

    16 Dec 2004, 13:08

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