March 07, 2005

Lesson 19 – Progress – Not

Fridays lesson after a months layoff was probably okay – but I felt very rusty

Still doing exercise 12/13 will I EVER move on from circuits.

Flying conditions
350 deg wind at 12 kts – runway in use 05 hence crosswind component of wind – at maximum strenght. Right hand circuits were the order of the day.

Tried crabbed approach but I was not timing the kick straight accurately. If you leave it too late you will veer of the runway. If you do it too early (which I think I was doing) you will the wind will catch you and you will still not be straight on landing.

To make the landing more accurate we tried a combination landing which is the combination of a crabbed approach but a wing down landing.

According to the book ….

The crabbed approach is used til about 50ft at which point aircraft it lined up with the runway and banked into the wind (slightly)

I.e wind is coming from left – left wing down.On landing you continue to turn the aileron into the wind

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  1. Josip

    Hi Cristine,
    I myself have always wanted to fly planes from as long as I can remember. I have always put it off due to money issues. Now that I have been getting older I have been thinking how I would regret it and hate myself if I never gave it a go.

    Lately I have been putting a lot of thought in starting flying lessons. I didnt know where to start so I hopped on google and started doing some research and stumbled upon your web site.

    I like what you have done with talking about your progress with each lesson. I find your posts very interesting to read as it gets me thinking how much I wanna do this. I finished up reading Lesson 19 and was wondering why have you stopped there? Have you stopped doing lessons? If so why? or have you just stopped creating diary entries?

    14 Oct 2005, 17:46

  2. Kevin Barrentine

    Has anyone heard from Christine? I fear that something dreadful may have happened. At the least, she has fallen away from bloggin indefinitely. To Josip: I suggest you go for it! I waited a ling time, like you, but just recently finished up getting my private pilot certification. I wished I would have done it years ago when it was much cheaper; oh well….it's a beautiful day today and I am off to the airport….

    16 Oct 2005, 15:19

  3. Josip

    Hi Kevin and everyone else who reads Christine's blog. I left her a msg and she has never gotten back. It appears that she has fallen from the ends of the earth. Does anyone know where she has gone? I was hoping to speak to her about her flying experiences.

    02 Dec 2005, 22:53

  4. Kevin Barrentine

    Well, it's been exactly a year since we last heard from Christine. I miss her and wish her well, where-ever she may be. (side note. she did help me in my studies to obtain my pilot certification, and I thank her. I hope others that have visited her blog can go on and achieve their goals, as well….)

    07 Mar 2006, 22:53

  5. Christine

    hey! i just recently completed my private pilot's license, just want to offer a good luck with it all, and do enjoy the circuits, i tend to miss them now a days. :P, every moment in the air should continue with an aura of exhiliration.

    21 Mar 2006, 04:26

  6. Christine

    for all those asking questions, id be happy to help :)....

    21 Mar 2006, 04:28

  7. Kevin Barrentine

    Christine: Congratulations! Why did you quit blogging your lessons? I really enjoyed reading your exploits and it helped me with areas I was struggling with. I've had my license for about 6 months now and you cna't keep me on the ground anymore!!

    21 Mar 2006, 14:06

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