January 25, 2005

Lesson 17 – Right Hand Circuits

Todays lesson was a “formal” session on crosswind circuits. I have had a go at crosswinds circuits before (lesson 14) with mixed success.

In addition to notes from lesson ? when doing a touch and go – after landing the ailerons should immediately be turned into wind

well that’s the theory

I must admit I felt reasonably proud of myself today. There was a lot going on but a managed to I hold it all together. For a start its a lot different doing right hand circuits – the view of the runway (or lack of it) is completely different. Also you do get used to the familiar landmarks – (I felt lost without my familiar chimmney on the crosswind leg to aim for) My landing were reasonably good although I was relying on the instructor a bit too talk me down – ie left to my own judgement I proabably would have flared a little too early. But no bad landing and approach was much better. (Also managed to keep height steady on circuits)

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  1. Iain Maciver

    Thank you for writting to me to ask for my help.

    I would definately recomend the use of the CD-ROMs because it alows you to get a certain interaction with the disc which you would otherwise would have to pay a bundle in ground school lessons to cover the same areas.

    In the future let me know how you are getting on with the syllabus.

    26 Jan 2005, 12:17

  2. Kevin Barrentine

    Christine: I stumbled on to your blog last month while doing a search for training aids for crosswind landings. I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your progress. I started my lessons the end of November. I am flying a Piper P28A-161 Warrior and just love it. Finally mastered my landings and was able to solo last Sunday. Still much to learn, but am looking forward to it. Also started a ground school course two weeks ago, but that is mostly review of what I already picked up in my practical lessons. I had the same problems with gaining altitude on my downwind leg…. Found out my speed was much too fast. Slowed up a bit (1.5 x Vso) and locked in on pattern altitude, no sweat! Keep up the good work! Let us know how your solo flights go!

    05 Feb 2005, 13:23

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