December 18, 2004

Lesson 13 – More of the Same

Had a really good lesson today so feeling v buoyant. Doing circuits again but for once beautiful clear skies. Every landing was a good one – and definately feeling its coming together. There was a strongish 9-10kts wind along the runway (good for takeoff) however wind direction was a bit variable and there was quite a bit of turbulance on the climb and landing phases.

Learning Points

on turning to final – should make sure that you are not below 700ft – if altitude approaches 700 ft need to increase power (possible up to 2200 rpm) to ensure that height doesn’t drop. Should only descent below 700ft after turning onto final

training news

Got a letter from Coventry Flying School stating they are changing aircraft from next March – so I could be flying in either a Piper PA28 Warrior 111 or a Robin 2160.

The Piper

Piper Cockpit

The Robin

Robin Cockpit

Both are low-wing aircraft so are very different to the Cessna 152. Also the Robin has the added complication in that it has a stick rather than control wheel. The Piper is a standard training aircraft and is theoretically easy to land so hopefully the transition period won’t be too long

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    And you get a retractable undercarriage on the Piper. Something else to remember on landing, if you want to avoid lots of sparks:-)

    22 Dec 2004, 14:25

  2. Steve Rumsby

    Every landing was a good one and definately feeling its coming together.

    Congratulations. That must be a good feeling. I had a similar feeling a few years ago when I was learning archery. The first time ever that all of the arrows in a group of three felt right and I knew they were heading for gold before they hit. And my instructor was standing right behind me at the time sounding more surprised with each arrow. Brilliant!

    22 Dec 2004, 17:04

  3. Christine Smith

    Steve are you sure that the piper PA-28 161 Warrior 111 has retractable landing gear. I don't know why but I suspect it wouldn't be the first choice for a training aircraft. Searched the web but couldn't find detailed enough spec

    22 Dec 2004, 17:32

  4. Steve Rumsby

    I was just going by the picture. The gear in that piper is clearly retractable. You can see the flaps that cover it when the rear wheels disappear into the wing, and it would surely be built more sturdily if it wasn't retractable? But I don't know for sure, and I do agree it seems a bit risky for a training aircraft. I've certainolly forgoten to lower the gear on some of the larger Cessnas in my early days with MSFS, with interesting results. Forgetting to lower the wheels on a float plane, and so landing on the skids, is entertaining:-)

    A quick google makes me suspect that there's a PA28 with fixed gear and a PA28R with retractable gear, and the photo is a PA28R. There are certainly two versions of the PA32 like this.

    So maybe you're safe from this little worry after all!!

    22 Dec 2004, 22:36

  5. Kevin Barrentine

    That PA28 is fixed gear. What looks like retractable covers are the fairings for the oleo struts.

    05 Feb 2005, 16:21

  6. The aircraft in the image is a PA28R - it does have retractable landing gear. The PA28 looks like this:

    28 Feb 2005, 15:13

  7. Steve Rumsby

    So I'm not going mad. Thanks Max:-)

    07 Mar 2005, 09:49

  8. Kevin Barrentine

    umm….easy mistake to make. Take the wheel pants off the fixed gear and it looks alot like retractable. I fly the model in the picture (without the pants). Hard as I try, I cant get those wheels to go up into the wings! The PA28R-200 arrow has the retractables. The Warrior III….not.

    08 Mar 2005, 01:50

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