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November 15, 2004

Lesson 8 more circuits and some heavy bumps

Really this lesson was much of the same. Circuit training at Coventry.

Started off really well – now feel a lot more confident doing the checks and think my taxying was pretty damm good. No more shopping trolley experiences for me. (Although I must check that I wasn’t taxying against the brakes – a really big no no)

However this time I got to talk to ATC (Air traffic control) to request take off, tell them we were ready for take off. inform them that were on downwind leg and that we were going to do a touch n go This was really stressful- why I’m not sure. Mark had clearly written or told me exactly what I had to say but still it felt nerve wracking. Its probably something to do with not wanting to make myself look a complete prat on air.

Unfortunately the headset wasn’t working properly I could hear the babble coming from atc okay but my instructor was quite faint – this added to the complexity of the task.

During each circuit I had a problem lining up for the final approach I was too far over to the left (although I felt at the time I was reasonably lined up) – what I wasn’t doing was making any allowance for wind direction. I think there was a strong crosswind coming from the right side of the runway therefore we needed to counteract this by having the nose of the plane pointing to the right. I think this was a crabbed crosswind landing.

Another problem that came to light was that I have been thinking that the rpm for normal straight and level flight is 2200 rpm but its actually 2300rpm so this explains why I was flying to slowly round the circuit (85kts instead of 90-100kts). Also for some unknown reason (perhaps over- confidence?) my climbing turn were becoming too steep – these are supposed to be gentle 15 deg turn but I think mine were starting too approach 30 deg.

However despite all the problems I did do some good landings so all was not lost. However again I thought this was more luck than good judgement. I also thought that some of my landing were a little on the heavy side but at least they were main wheels not nose wheel down first.

things to do

  • look and do a follow up blog of atc procedures – what do I need to say and when
  • revisit the idea of flare- possibly need to follow up with Mark exactly what I should be seeing when landing again – how high to pull up the nose etc

P.s note for steve r on making the final turn height was 600 ft speed 70kts and distance from runway best guestimate approx twice length of runway

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