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June 30, 2006

Formula Student update

So the car is nearly finished! And considering the competition starts on Wednesday, this is definitely A Good Thing. We nearly ran the engine last night, but someone had dropped the fuel rail when we took it off the dyno, and when the fuel pump pressurised the system it burst and petrol went everywhere just as Lambert's finger was nearly at the start button. Disaster averted by the narrowest of margins. It went on it's wheels on Wednesday, and the bodywork also arrived on Wednesday and is being fitted as I type this. I would be down in the pits helping but the conversation descended into football and I could stand no more, so I've left technicians and team-mates discussing 4-4-2 while I escaped to F211. When I get back hopefully we should have the new wheels turn up today, so the slick tyres can be fitted, and hopefully Matt should be there so I can finish plumbing in the brake system and then bleed that through. Once that's done, the calipers can be lock-wired on, the half shafts can be machined once the tool arrives today and then the drivetrain can be assembled, a replacement fuel rail is coming this morning so the engine will be in full working order, Scott will be finishing the firewall and the seat today, and then (fingers crossed) the car will be complete either tonight or sometime tomorrow. Testing will be Monday and Tuesday at MIRA, competition Wednesday–Saturday. And then, maybe, I can get some sleep. We might be having this Sunday off as well, which means I can go to RASE, which I'm very happy about. Yay for that.

June 29, 2006

I'm bored, so have a meme

Writing about web page /cjehinds/entry/its_quiz_night/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

How many keys are on your keychain?
3 house keys, 1 car key and 1 key for my locker in the pits

What curse word do you use the most?
Bugger or fuck I think. Although I most commonly use tits as an exclaimation of frustration, but it's not really a swearword

Do you own an iPod?
No, I'm solidly sticking with minidisc

What time is your alarm clock set for?
Depends when I need to be up. Usually anytime from 6 to 7:30

How many suitcases do you own?

Do you wear flip–flops even when it's cold outside?
I hate open shoes with a passion, and neither I nor anyone else should wear them. Ever.

Where do you buy your groceries from?

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
Take it, although I'm a rubbish photographer

What was the last movie you watched?
Either M:I3 or X Men 3. I think it was X Men.

Do any of your friends have children?
Not yet, although loads of them are getting married.

If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would buy?
A car, or many cars. I couldn't possibly decide which – would probably get a Lamborghini Murcielago whilst looking for a good nick Aston Martin Virage V8 Vantage with a V600 engine upgrade and manual box.

Has anyone ever called you lazy?

Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?
No, I take it to keep me awake.

What CD is currently in your CD player?
One of my own MP3 discs I think.

Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
Regular. Must be full fat.

Has anyone told you a secret this week?
I don't think so.

When was the last time someone hit on you?
Ummm a while ago, can't remember when. Probably a long while ago, certainly a long while ago where it was serious and not playful between friends.

What did you have for dinner?
Steak, onion rings, fries, and a malteser ice cream yoghurt for desert.

Do you wear hoodies often?
I only have one, but I wear it every now and then.

Can you whistle?

Have you ever participated in a protest?
I wanted to but the protest I wanted to take part in never happened.

Who was the last person to call you?
My Dad this morning to check the back door was locked.

What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?
My favourite I've ever been on is the Rock n' Roller coaster in MGM Florida, but I want to go on Kingda Ka which is at a park in the US – 0–128 mph in 3.3 seconds then a 400 foot climb and then a 400 foot vertical drop. The bigger and faster the better imo.

Do you think people talk about you behind your back?
Most probably, but not too much. I recognise that I'm not actually that important that people need to spend their lives bitching about me when I'm not there!

What area code are you in right now?

Did you watch cartoons as a child?
Of course.

How big is your local mall?
I have no idea.

How many siblings do you have?
One younger brother and one younger younger sister.

Are you shy around the opposite sex?
Depends, but usually. More so if I find them attractive/don't know them usually.

What is your biggest regret?
I'm not disclosing that here.

When was the last time you laughed so hard your sides hurt?
Sometime around the end of term, possibly when we were at Alton Towers or maybe when I was out with my mates or maybe when I was watching something funny. I really can't remember.

What movie do you know every line to?
M:I2, all Matrix Films, Top Gun…

Do you own any band t–shirts?
I have a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club one my sister gave me.

When was your last plane ride?
Erm… When I went to see Lindsey in Toronto last year I think.

How many chairs are at your dining room table?

Do you read for fun?

Can you speak any languages other than English?
Bad English, Farmer, Tech/Engineer, some German.

Do you do your own dishes?

What color is your bedroom painted?
I don't have a bedroom.

Have you ever cried in public?
Not since I was really little, which I don't think counts.

Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?
Desktop, laptop, Mac laptop

Which do you make, wishes or plans?

Are you always trying to learn new things?
Yes but usually only about things I already know stuff about.

Do you shower on a daily basis?

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
Ummmmmm…. NO.

Do you believe that the guy should pay on the first date?
Of course. Why should chivalry be dead?

Can you skip rocks?

Have you ever been to Jamaica?

What to snack on at the movie theaters?
Popcorn of course!

Who was your favorite teacher?
I like my personal tutor Tony Price, although I've never been lectured by him. At school a close call between Nick Anderson and Steve Hosford.

Have you ever dated someone out of your race?

What is the weather like?
Warm, oppressive, a few light clouds (no rain).

Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos?
Not covered, but the odd cheeky one maybe.

Do you have an online journal?
Guess what this is.

What was your favorite class in high school?
Probably Physics, although Chemistry we got to blow things up.

Do you enjoy traveling via airplanes?
Definitely. The more loop the loops the better.

What personality trait is a must–have in your preferred gender?
The list is long, but if I had to pick one, kindness.

Have you ever been attracted to someone physically unattractive?
Well not to me. But beauty is subjective.

When was the last time you slept on the floor?
Erm… Ages ago.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
Thatchers or Stowford Press (proper ciders).

Does your closest Starbucks have a drive–thru?
No. This is the UK.

Do you like your living arrangement?
I'd much rather have my own place with a couple of spare bedrooms, loads of space for my stuff, decent garage, workshop, an acre or so of gardens and most importantly, a place I can actually call home. As nice as my parents houses are, I'm tired of not really having anywhere that I feel like I don't have my own space.

What is your mother's hometown?
Nearest town is probably Newton Abbot or somewhere, but she grew up on a farm miles from nowhere.

How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
Regularly – 5.5 to 6. In one night, I can happily go without anything more than an hour and still have a productive second day.

Do you eat breakfast daily?

What was the last thing to scare you?
Making Chris's best man's speech.

Are your days full and fast–paced?
From the moment I wake to the moment my head hits the pillow. My life runs on 102 octane petrol!

Did you ever get in trouble for talking in class?
Regularly. And watching Goldeneye in lectures (to be fair though Burrows, your subject was just crap).

What is your favorite fruit?
Apples. Must be sour and crunchy to the point that most people's faces implode.

*Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages?

How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

Are you picky about spelling and grammar?

Do you believe in life on other planets?
Yes, very much so. There's mountains of evidence for it. Now, do I believe in intelligent life on other planets? Probably.

Have you ever been to Six Flags?

Who was the last person to piss you off?
No comment.

Do you believe that God has a gender?
I don't know if I believe God exists. Rather indecisive about that one.

What was the last thing you ate?
Ice Cream with Maltesers.

Do you get along better with the same or opposite sex?
50/50 I think. They are good at fulfilling different needs in a friendship.

What did you dress up as for your first Halloween?
A ghost.

How did your parents pick your name?
Christopher is after my late uncle (Dad's older brother), Stephen is Dad's middle name.

Do you like mustard?
Not really.

What do you tell yourself when times get hard?
Depends. Sometimes it's "Oh well, life's a bitch, just isolate yourself with the fun things in life and deal with it", other times it's positive stuff to do with the belief I have in myself and my friends. Depends how down I'm feeling and what about.

Would you ever sky dive?
My Dad would think I'm mad for jumping out of a serviceable aeroplane, but probably.

Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?

What character from a movie most reminds you of yourself?
Can't remember.

Have you ever bid for something on ebay?

What do you think of Angelina Jolie being pregnant?
She isn't, she gave birth a while ago. I don't really have a view to be honest; physically I think she's fit but that's about as far as my views go on that.

Do you enjoy giving hugs?

Would you consider yourself to be fashionable?
I consider myself to be reasonably dressed, but quite plain and not terribly fashionable.

Do you own a digital camera?

If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel?
Depends how well I knew them and what I thought of them other than not interested in dating them. Either flattered or awkward.

What celebrities have you been compared to?
Apparently I'm James Bond, which I can cope with! Apart from that there have been a couple but none spring to mind.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
Yoda. Although Hans Solo is cool too.

Does it annoy you when someone says they'll call but never do?
Depends how reliable they usually are, how important the call was and what I think of them.

What books, if any, have made you cry?
Can't remember. Some might have made me feel like it but I don't think I ever read a book and actually cried.

Do you think you're attractive?
Depends on mood. Physically I think I'm ok looking although I have my off days and own issues about how I look. Mentally I have some good traits and some very, very bad ones. So pass.

What are you allergic to?
No allergies, but I really don't like a lot of food. Probably allergic to culture too.

Are you a jealous person?

What's your opinion on sex without emotional commitment?
If it's what makes you happy and you're not hurting anyone then fine, but it's not for me.

Do you ever feel guilty after eating meat?
Hell no.

If you were born the opposite sex, what would your name have been?
Erm ask my parents that one. I wouldn't have had a say in it.

June 26, 2006

A successful day

Well that was all in all a very successful day, and indeed weekend. For those who don't know, today was a very special day for Chris Paterson and Beth, as it was their wedding. As best man, it was my duty amongst other things to try and smoothen out the running of the day wherever possible (not made easier by Chris's rather, um, relaxed attitude to organisation), organise pre–wedding stag events, and attempt to make a funny, personal and heartfelt speech. The Stag events went pretty well I think – we had a fantastic meal on friday, and then the main undoing of the weekend followed when we managed to locate the deadest nightclub in the country. There were 2 people in there aside from our little stag group, and I think they left about 5 minutes before we did. We then discovered that at 12:30 everywhere seems to shut it's doors so we were left a little stranded for anywhere to go. The Clay Pigeon shooting on Saturday fared much better, and seemed to be pretty popular. The wedding today was a lovely day for all, although some of the stresses (such as Chris's wonderful multimap directions and the usual wedding photo shambles) were less fun. The speech went ok I think, I should have rehearsed it more and it perhaps needed a little more tweaking than it got, but people seemed to enjoy it. At least I got laughs where they were meant to be!

With a big sigh of relief, I can now return to thinking about more dull matters.

June 22, 2006

The last evening

Tonight was my last evening at Warwick. I'd been a bit down since my results and a general lacklustre day, but a nice drive (in places) early in the evening to exactly the right music, a good farewell meal with the Warwick Conservatives and a wonderful time at the gala concert all helped to lift my mood. The majority of the concert I wasn't paying much attention (finding my friends much more fun to talk to, since we were near the back), but towards the end it was brill, especially the singalong (which people should put more effort into!) and the fireworks, which I thought was very fitting on my last night here and on the same day as my results. A good send–off if you will. I'm feeling quite sad now, I'll miss this place considering I've had some great times here during my four years (and some not so great but it happens). I've met some brilliant friends who I hope I'll keep in touch with for life, and although it makes me sad to know that I won't be keeping in touch with all of the hundreds of people that I know here, it's perhaps time to move on and meet new people and new challenges. And then of course at reunions and whatnot it'll be so much fun to bump into those slightly more distant friends who you meant to keep in touch with but didn't quite, and have much fun catching up on old times. Plus there is the power of MSN. I leave tomorrow at 2ish, and I have such a massive list of things to do before then (and people to see) that it's not even funny. But there we go, I shall cope. (I'm actually back up next week to work on Formula Student, but I don't think that really counts considering very few people will be left here, so I consider tomorrow to be my true leaving!)

Farewell Warwick, you've treated me well during my time here and I've had a smashing time studying here. To all those that I've known, I wish you every success in the future. Take care and do keep in touch.

Results: The last crunch

Follow-up to Exam predictions for this year from From tractors to reactors

Final results are all out. Thankfully, I got my first, which is good news. I was slightly less pleased with my mark breakdown though:

Renewable Energy Systems 83
Mathematical and Computer Modelling 56
Energy Conservation 87
Formula Student 68
Engineering Business Management 1 68
Advanced Fluid Mechanics 61
Precision Engineering and Microsystems 57
Design for Manufacture 64
Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems 69

This gave an average of 68.1% which went up to 74.9% with Seymour for this year, 75.54% overall degree mark (77.6% in third and 72.75% in second years). It's a first I suppose and I'm happy with that, was just a little irritated with a couple of those marks. But there we go. Anyway, back to the grindstone!

June 20, 2006

Last Top B/Union night as a student

So there passed the last ever Top B that I will attend as a student, and also the last ever union night as I'm not able to go to the end of year party on friday due to other commitments. For once, I decided to really put the ups and downs of the past few months behind me and go out and have a night to really remember with a load of the great people I have the fortune to know here. And that's exactly what I did – the top 40 was immense, and finishing on The Wannadies was amazing. Oddly I don't feel that sad, although I've had real trouble venting sadness of late anyway so that might be part of the problem. But I had such a good night tonight, one of my best ever in the union and certainly one that's fitting to remember my university career by. Although I'll be back next year I hope to visit friends a few times who are still about, I doubt it'll be the same. So here's to all you special people I've been so lucky to know over the last four years. Thank you guys, you rock and you make my life here absolutely awesome.

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