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June 24, 2005

Results are in

Apologies for being a day late, but I didnít get in from work till gone quarter to nine last night and didnít feel like posting by then. But anyway, as promised, my results for this year:

Code Module Percentage
ES30A/D Fundamental Fluid Mechanics I & II 56.5
ES327 Project 65
ES353Heat Transfer Theory & Design 90
ES379Finance & Accounting 74
ES380Design Techniques & Management76
ES384Internal Combustion Engines70
ES385Fundamental Finite Element Methods67
ES386Dynamics of Vibrating Systems 61
ES388Design of Machines 81

Bearing in mind that the project is weighted to be 30 CATS against all the others being 15, this gives me a yearís average of 70.55%. Given that I was overloaded to 150 CATS, the Seymour formula raises this to 77.6%. Combined with last yearís result of 72.75%, this means that next year, because I am again on a 150 CAT loading, I need 55.5% next year for a first, or 32.75% for a 2.1. Overall, Iím pretty satisfied with the results for the year, although I didnít quite make my target of 80% Iím still fairly happy as to where I am and how close I am to achieving a solid first next year. Congratulations to all who have also gotten their results, may the celebrations be lengthy and immensely enjoyable!

June 19, 2005

Excuse me while I snigger at other's misfortune

Motoring week is a bit late I'm afraid. First off, on my drive up last weekend, spotted a DB9 and yesterday cos I got the weekend off I saw a Lotus Elise in a shocking Lambo Green colour, which I thought were worthy of mention. Got that out the way.

Today, driving up to see my Dad, between junction 9 and 12 on the M40 I spotted no less than:

A yellow Lamborghini Diablo SV
A yellow standard Lamborghini Diablo
A powder blue Lamborghini Diablo
A yellow Lamborghini Gallardo
A yellow Lamborghini Countache
A white Lamborghini Countache with the massive spoiler on the back
Two yellow Lotus Esprits
A red Lotus Esprit
A light metallic blue Ferrari 360 Spyder
A red Ferrari F355
A red Ferrari 328 targa
A black Ferrari 308 targa
And a red TVR Tuscan

I was, quite frankly, amazed! My only guess is that there was something going on at Gaydon today. Shame I missed it. In any case, it was a most enjoyable drive.

I've had a fun week driving my MXM190 and a load of other farm vehicles, including a couple of JCB Loadalls which are great to mess around in. From July 1st, we're going to be very busy – I have 400 acres to cut in a week for Blenheim Estates before we even start harvest! Argh!

To finish (and explain the title), I'm on campus now. On my way around car park 7, some muppet in a Fiat decided to take a leisurely angle round the end of one of the corners on the first floor, neglecting the presence of the supporting posts. Cue a seriously buggered bonnet.

June 15, 2005

Brief update

Well I only have time for a short entry tonight, but just to say all is well at the farm. Have so far been silage bale carting (at which I managed to injure myself by falling a few feet off a trailer onto the metal tailboard, thus giving myself some impressively uncomfortable bruises), general tidying up jobs, spannering around in the grainstore and also gave my tractor a service. I took a few pictures monday lunchtime, have uploaded one into a new gallery. Apart from that, that's all for now. Cheerio peeps!

June 12, 2005

Heigh ho!

Well the time has at last come – I leave now for Oxfordshire to start work at 7AM tomorrow morning. Yay! I've been looking forward to this for months. I'm taking my laptop which has a dial-up internet connection if I can find a phone socket, or infra-red connectivity to my GPRS phone if I can't. This does show that my internet use for the next 3.5 months is best described as "limited", so I'm sorry if I take ages to reply or something like that. Farewell all, see you soon!

June 07, 2005

My motoring week: 7th June

Main news for this week – Silverstone last thursday! It was a great day, we saw eight teams testing – just Minardi and Sauber didn't run. Consequently, there was plenty of track action. Was joined for the day by SiY, Chris and I met Amy for the first time too, which was nice :) Highlights included watching David Coulthard spin right in front of us, after looking distinctly shaky around Luffield for a lap or two he finally got the back to overtake the front of the car in a perfect 180. Even more fun was watching him disengage the traction control to spin it back round the right way again! With so many cars out on track, there was plenty to see and deafness was quick to arrive. On the way down the M1 I spotted an Enzo going the other way, which was pretty special.

Apart from that, it's been an uneventful driving week. I came home (obviously) which is a bit of a trek, my poor car was heavily overladen with stuff. Since being home, I've done relatively little motoring so haven't got that much to report. I've been doing plenty of jobs, including a few trips up the tip with the opportunity to piss my grandad off by demonstrating flair with reversing a trailer, and have shown him again how to make a neat job of the lawns with the tractor, but that's about it. Next week, will probably have some full-size tractor driving news :) I'll bet you can't wait…

Another plaigurised entry

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Ten Random Things About Me:

1.My left elbow is on at an odd angle, because I broke the arm when I was young
2.My first memory was when I was three years old and I was helping my Dad build something
3.My thumbs are double jointed and generally, apart from having stupidly short hamstrings, I'm quite flexible for a bloke
4.I cannot stand people snoring
5.I've always wanted to know what I wanted to be, but I changed my mind once at about 9 years old
6.I'm going to take a trip to the Amazon one day with one of my closest friends. On a similar note, I promised my Mum that I'd take her to Australia when I could afford it
7.I can play one instrument – the guitar. And not that well
8.I don't like beer
9.I have expensive tastes, but I'm simple and easy to please
10.My car will never ever be clean, fast or loud enough

Nine Ways To Win My Heart:

1.Have a little mystery
2.Be trusting
3.When I'm down, flash me a smile
4.When you're down, be honest and open about why
5.Need me every now and then
6.Accept that I look to you as an equal, and don't try to compete
7.Understand the importance of a silent snuggle
8.Drive like I do (big winner here)
9.Accept me for who I am, even though you might not like every little bit

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1.Fly a fighter jet
2.Go on a safari
3.Build a kit car
4.Get married and have a honeymoon in the Cayman Isles
5.Make my Dad proud of me. Once would be enough
6.Create some impressive explosions
7.Own a supercar
8.Build a house with a big underground garage, like my own batcave

Seven Ways To Annoy Me:

4.Try to tell me what to do/think
6.Being slow and holding me up, or being late
7.Being wasteful

Six Things I Believe In:

1.Myself – mostly
2.Never be harder on others than you are on yourself
3.Treat others how you'd like or expect to be treated
4.In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity
5.Everything is self-governing, self-limiting and self-repairing
6.Pretty much anything being possible

Five Things I'm Afraid Of:

1.Losing my driving licence
2.Being alone
3.Hurting those close to me
5.Being hurt by people I care about

Four Favourite Items In My Room:

1.Mahogany model of F-15 Strike Eagle
2.My Home Entertainment system
3.Photo of me on my tractor at about 10 years old
4.Signed photo of Dad hovering above deck from when he was stationed away on ship while I was young

Three Things I Do Every Day:

1.Try to achieve as much as possible
2.Eat three square meals, though at least one is usually on the go. Sometimes all three
3.Think deeply about something or other

Two Things I Want To Do Right Now:

1.Have a nice long Jacuzzi
2.Read a good book

One Person I Wish I Could See Right Now:

1.Any of my close friends. You know who you are

June 03, 2005

Home, sweet home

Today has mostly been relocating back home. I've unloaded the trailer and one car, and I'm a little way through unloading my car now. I've already set up all my electronic stuff of course – it's a well known fact that any man will first set up his stereo before he even thinks about getting his suitcase unpacked. It's nice to be back – mother has stocked up on all the foods I like and insisted that I lie in for a bit so that she can cook me bacon sarnies for breakfast, and I'm having steak tonight – oh how I suffer. It was sad to leave Dad's for the last time today, but at the same time I'm looking forward to the summer and next year. Next week will be relaxing and sorting out everything at home, making sure that everything will work without my attention for the next four months. Then, off to (hopefully sunny) Oxfordshire! Yay!

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