December 19, 2005

The Kyoto agreement

I had intended to make a post on Kyoto and emissions legislation following the recent Montreal UN Climate change meeting, but haven't gotten around to it. I'm still fairly busy with university-related stuff, but I was debating with a friend this evening and came across this website. For anyone who wants to know what's wrong about Kyoto, go take a peek. Also, this is another article talking in a slightly more tabloid style about the problems with Kyoto.

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  1. Chris May

    From the second article (dated feb. 05)

    For example, when several hurricanes hit Florida last year, the death toll was low. But when those same hurricanes hit Haiti, thousands died. The hurricanes were not appreciably stronger over Haiti, but Florida, being richer, proved more resilient.

    oopsie. Bet he feels a bit silly now.

    19 Dec 2005, 23:37

  2. Jerry Maguire

    link read this from the guardian yesterday, it's good.

    21 Dec 2005, 11:56

  3. Hmmmm. It may not surprise you to learn that I dislike Monbiot and think that he's an exceptionally biased individual with a very warped perception on the world. Nevertheless I will concede that some of his writings are logically sound and scientifically unquestionable. The linked article is little more than a tabloid rant and of no more merit to a serious analysis of Kyoto than if I were to link to one of Clarkson's highly entertaining rants on the subject.

    21 Dec 2005, 23:01

  4. Oh and Chris, I would be very surprised if you can look me in the eye and tell me that storms of Katrina's strength would not have an appreciably greater effect on poorer areas such as Haiti compared to the Florida coastline. Yes, the storms did great damage. But overall I think the situation was a whole lot better than it would have been if everyone had been holed up in structures built of less stern stuff than reinforced concrete. For the largest hurricane of it's strength ever recorded (see Wikipedia ) the official death toll of 1,383 doesn't seem that high for such a densely populated area. Also, much of the damage caused in New Orleans was a failure of the systems that allowed the city to exist at all below sea level in the first place. Had adequate systems been installed in the first place (and perhaps the city being built above sea level!) I doubt the damage would have been anything like as bad.

    21 Dec 2005, 23:11

  5. Jerry Maguire

    "I dislike Monbiot and think that he's an exceptionally biased individual"

    What's that got to do with anything? You're "exceptionally biased" as is Jeremy 'dickwad' Clarkson, as he's now known amongst civil society.

    22 Dec 2005, 09:59

  6. David Badley

    I think the death toll in New Orleans would have been almost zero if the authorities had considered that a large chunk of the population didn't have the fredom of mobility that would allow them to get oyu of the storms way. Really they should have all been evacuated. Then there is the awful event where a load of people tried to leave the city on foot (across a bridge i think) and were turned back by the sherif from the neighbouring city – who even took to firing warning shots!

    Anyway, It's true that Clarkson is unbelivably biased (I thought the minister for road safety (who have points on his licence, the fool) put up a pretty good fight against him on TopGear the other week tho.).
    Previously I was able to take him in small chunks – but after hearing the commetns about cyclists that the Gaurdian article repeats, I dont think I'll even be able to bare him for 30 seconds. Those comments were quite fankly sickening, I don't see how you could condone someone who would say that. I realise is a bit of a joke – but it just isn't funny. In the same way that Bernard Manning just isn't funny.

    On an unrelated note. Thanks for all the info. on the formula student. Pretty interesting stuff. Who's gonna be driving this car when you've got it going?

    22 Dec 2005, 18:43

  7. David Badley

    oh boy, There are a lot of spelling and typing errors in that post.
    To all the pedants out there, sorry. I will try harder next time, promice ;-)

    22 Dec 2005, 18:45

  8. "Jerry" – I was just providing some background info on what I though of Monbiot before putting forward the idea that in my opinion that particular article of his has no worth in a serious debate.

    David – Fairs enough Clarkson's not to everyone's tastes! You're most welcome for the info on Formula Student. I won't pick you up on your errors since you already apologised :-)

    22 Dec 2005, 21:41

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