May 05, 2005

The bastards are at it again

Writing about web page

They obviously haven't read my previous entry because they're apparently cranking up their campaign to have Top Gear replaced with "third gear". Hah! They should learn perhaps a basic fact about cars, that third gear is almost always less efficient than Top Gear. I have no problems with sticking with third gear - that'll take me well over 100 on any decent car anyway (even a lowly Honda NSX will hit 90 in second). And would you look at their alternative! I don't think I need to say anything else…

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  1. Arman CheeseCrate

    You're are bit right wing aren't you mate?

    09 May 2005, 09:09

  2. Your point?

    09 May 2005, 10:25

  3. Cars

    Ok, you dont like transport2000!
    But TopGear is just rubbish now. It should be taken off air for being simply crap

    10 May 2005, 11:11

  4. Cars

    I did used to really like topgear BTW.

    10 May 2005, 11:13

  5. What's rubbish about it?

    10 May 2005, 12:22

  6. Tom

    I like the revamped series, primarily for not having Tiff Needell on it, but also for the cool wall. My only criticism would be that they don't review ordinary cars anymore.

    The Chris Barrie thing about diggers on five is also quite good.

    10 May 2005, 15:50

  7. trace Brazen

    so, what do you think about fox hunting?

    10 May 2005, 16:41

  8. What do I think about fox hunting? Well it's not particularly relevant to this topic and I don't want to get drawn off into yet another long drawn out debate in which either side is never going to back down, but since you asked me for my views, I can sum them up simply thus: I am personally not interested in fox hunting, the sport holds no appeal to me. I am however very much opposed to the ban and have argued the case for keeping it many a time, on the basis that you're essentially telling ordinary people what they can and can't do in their lives. Before long, we won't be able to leave the house without writing for government permission. It's beyond a joke really.

    10 May 2005, 17:05

  9. your logic is impeccable

    10 May 2005, 17:09

  10. Tom

    I think you probably do need to tell people (ordinary or otherwise) what they can and can't do.

    10 May 2005, 17:20

  11. Indeed. That's why we have laws after all. I don't think that fox hunting is something that should be legislated against.

    10 May 2005, 17:38

  12. OneSickMoFo

    So, cock fighting would be fine too?
    Dog fighting?

    Bring it on! i love turning animal cruelty into entertainment!

    10 May 2005, 17:46

  13. Roquefort (UK)

    Do you ever play a game called enemy territory? It's quite good and it's free

    10 May 2005, 17:49

  14. Sighs

    This really isn't going to go anywhere and you know it. If you want a lengthy debate on fox hunting and my views, look here or here. Right now, I'm off to eat tea and do something productive.

    10 May 2005, 17:49

  15. And no I've never heard about Enemy Territory. What kind of game is it? I'm more into Colin McRae rally, Command & Conquer (any of the series really) or Total Annihilation myself.

    10 May 2005, 17:51

  16. Roquefort (UK)

    It's based on castle wolfenstein and you can get it at

    if you get it, play on the skynet servers, they are usually the best ones.

    10 May 2005, 17:52

  17. Trace Brazen


    What sort of music you into guy?

    If you like rockin it out you should download some of our stuff fella.

    Just go to link and download our song believe. It's killa

    relax guy
    Trace <@:)

    10 May 2005, 18:12

  18. Thanks for the tip on the game…

    What music am I into? Well quite literally anything! I don't specify a genre. My tastes range from Beethoven and Wagner, through 90's and current pop, club music (dance, trance), very limited selection of rap/garage/RnB, a lot of rock from the very pop-like stuff right through to Muse and White Stripes, softer music like Keane…. Like I said, really anything as far as genres go! I checked out your website, believe is a pretty damned decent song. Thanks for the link.

    10 May 2005, 20:36

  19. M J

    I dont want to sound like a queer or nothin' but LuxRock are a pretty kick-ass band!

    11 May 2005, 09:35

  20. Alex Nieora

    I also like Beetoven. Wagner 'has great moments but really bad quarters of an hour.' He is also extreme right wing/ authoritarian (if you don't mind me draging that into this) – as Woody Allen said 'everytime I listen to him I am overcome by the desire to invade Poland.' The sung version of Brunnhilde's Immolation from Gotterdammerung is, nonetheless, a more than adequate substitute for sex.

    11 May 2005, 13:09

  21. That's a very poor understanding of Wagner, based more on his fans than his own views. In fact, during his earlier years Wagner was very progressive, this can be seen in the way the Ring cycle very clearly embodies the principles of the enlightenment.

    In fact, some of Wagners work was banned under nazi rule in Germany because of it's subversive nature.

    11 May 2005, 16:08

  22. Trace Brazen

    Thanks Chris, what do you think of our pictures ;)

    11 May 2005, 16:43

  23. Mr King – I simply like some of Wagner's music – if that disqualifies me from commenting in your view than I'm afraid we must agree to diagree. I merely wish to contribute to a discussion. The assertion that he is right wing/ authoritarian and the Woody Allen quote were simply meant to be funny, not to be taken at face value. The fact remains that Wagner was Hitler's favourite composer and his music was implicated with the Third Reich, before being banned by the newly created Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

    11 May 2005, 17:37

  24. where on earth did I say you were disqualified from commenting?????

    the only mention of Wagner's fans I'd intended was to say not to judge Wagner's politics on the fact that some of the government of Nazi Germany liked his work, nothing to do with you liking him.

    12 May 2005, 10:52

  25. Trace Brazen


    Hi Chris, thought you might like to look at my blog, you can find it on the above link

    12 May 2005, 14:34

  26. Thanks for the link Trace. I especially approve of the first 10 seconds of sound you get on your site, although the rest of the track is pretty decent too :-)

    12 May 2005, 15:23

  27. Ben Bakemore

    what??? The nuremburg rally big of that song? That's what it sounded like to me

    12 May 2005, 15:41

  28. woo. All in favour of fox hunting say aye! Its only a bloody fox. Not Human, ergo, food. Same with horses really. Its not as if the bloody things are on the verge of extinction.

    Cock fighting. great! Bring it back, I reckon I could set up a ring cheaply in the garden.

    Animal cruelty. I don't do it. But I would place bets on sports that possibly cross the line into it…..

    This is my first and last post on this blog. (to save any arguement)

    12 May 2005, 21:17

  29. Trace Brazen

    What do you mean Nuremburg rally???

    I think I see what you mean by the loud stadium bit, but that's justs us guys rockin out!

    13 May 2005, 14:42

  30. Ummm… I get the sound of someone getting into a car, then a big American V8 starting up before launching with a significant amount of tyre squeal…

    13 May 2005, 15:00

  31. Tom

    What are you on about?

    13 May 2005, 15:17

  32. Trace's blog site

    13 May 2005, 15:25

  33. Tom

    Dose it sound like a car then? That seems a bit unusual.

    13 May 2005, 15:37

  34. The intro to the song playing in the background is as described

    13 May 2005, 15:53

  35. Dave Spanner

    Did you know that dogs cant look up?

    13 May 2005, 16:39

  36. Fascinating

    13 May 2005, 16:43

  37. Trust Mr Spanner to throw a spanner in the works (sorry Mr Spanner, but I simply could not help myself)

    13 May 2005, 17:15

  38. Trace Brazen

    Car??? what???

    14 May 2005, 14:06

  39. Must just be my computer then… But I guarantee you that when I go to your linked blog, that is what I hear. I'm not mad!

    14 May 2005, 14:56

  40. Trace Brazen

    Oh, you mean Ride, I thought you meant believe, yes, that's got the car bit.

    14 May 2005, 17:20

  41. WOTAN

    Leave Wagner alone already, you stupid anglo-faggets
    That imbecile anti-wagnerian wit it's more outdated than fox-trot

    20 Jul 2005, 00:26

  42. Trace Brazen

    I agree WOTAN, wagner kicks ass

    20 Jul 2005, 11:52

  43. mr t

    i think you should all get out of the house and stop pretending the internet is useful for things other than porn!

    29 Sep 2005, 08:51

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