May 14, 2005

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Well I'm meant to be revising and have nothing better to do, and when I came across this I thought I might as well give it a go…

In case you don't visit the trackback, Chris has listed all his modules, with targets and predictions for marks. I've given overall predicted percentages for each module inclusive of coursework, the mark in brackets is what I would hoped to have gotten had I done the coursework and exam to the standard that I should have:

ES30A Fundamental Fluid Mechanics I&II: 70% (Target 85%)
ES353 Heat Transfer Theory and Design: 80% (Target 90%)
ES379 Finance and Accounting: 70% (Target 80%)
ES380 Design Techniques and Management: 75% (Target 85%)
ES384 Internal Combustion engines: 70% (Target 90%) (Damn that coursework)
ES385 Fundamental Finite Elemement Methods: 75% (Target 85%)
ES386 Dynamics of Vibrating Systems: 70% (Target 80%)
ES388 Design of Machines: 80% (Target 90%)

Average: 74% (Target 86%)

There is then of course the third year project to add on to this, which has double the weighting of the exams. I am hoping for something in the region of 60 to 65% on this. After the Seymour formula (multiply overall percentage by 1.1) has been applied, I'll be content to walk away with 80%. We shall see how it goes…

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  1. Good luck

    14 May 2005, 19:12

  2. Ta, have this horrid feeling that I'll be needing it quite badly this year…

    14 May 2005, 19:14

  3. content!? 80%!!? I'm so jealous!

    14 May 2005, 20:46

  4. You'll be fine. No, honestly, you will.


    14 May 2005, 20:50

  5. I hope so Jill, I wish I shared your conviction! Thanks for the encouraging words anyway. And Laura, to put that into perspective, remember you do an essay-based subject where it's damned near impossible to get anything like full marks even for a perfect answer! Hence my contempt for essay-based subject examinations. I mean, a lawyer I knew told me that for a perfect coursework essay you'd get 80%. Bizarre world you non-scientists live in ;-)

    14 May 2005, 21:25

  6. Sadly Siggy is right, it's very easy to get high marks in a science degree compared to a Politics degree. You tend with our qns to either get it all right or mainly wrong. That's why he doesn't like my papers… because they are more essay based (hence subjective). I would say it's easier to get a high mark in a "prove this" paper but also easier to fail too.

    And to put engineering in perspective I know a mathematician who took 180 CATS last year and averaged 114% overall, due to the weighting applied by the Seymour formula. Figure that one out…

    14 May 2005, 22:17

  7. What do you mean, sadly I'm right? Has it become a point of national mourning every time I'm right or something? I knew I was outspoken and disliked, I never realised it had gotten to this degree…

    It is much easier to get a high mark in a numerical/scientific based paper. Why do you think I always hated non-science subjects so much! As to that Seymour formula, it is a bit bloody ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as taking 180 CATS in the first place

    14 May 2005, 22:24

  8. Good luck, dude!!

    15 May 2005, 01:30

  9. Thanks Victoria :-)

    15 May 2005, 02:36

  10. Splash one – Finance and Accounting dispatched this morning. Was a bit of a long paper in my opinion – only had 10 minutes to spare from a 2 hour exam, and was rushing a bit to get it done that quick – but it went ok-ish although some of the questions could have been a bit nicer. If Karen is really lenient with marks then it could be as good as 80, realistically something close to my originally predicted 70 is more likely methinks.

    16 May 2005, 12:54

  11. you are right with your comments on essay based subjects. with an essay its impossible to get it perfect, but also rather tricky to get it totally wrong and fail. with siency stuff if you know what you're talking about you're likely to get very high marks, if you don't then you'll get it all wrong and fail. Tis a bit harsh i think. Anyways, good luck for the rest of your exams!

    16 May 2005, 13:30

  12. For those of you who are following my exams, had my second one today (ES380). Went ok, took an hour and a half, three questions were sweet, fourth one a bit of a blag. Am hoping I made at least 70%, would like to have made my 75. Difficult to tell really, especially as I don't know my coursework mark, which is 30% of the module.

    18 May 2005, 20:38

  13. still, well done

    19 May 2005, 15:00

  14. Exam update: ES384 - IC engines completed today. I got a shocking mark in the coursework which is going to drag the module down slightly. The exam itself was ok, but I couldn't do one part of a calculation question worth 8 marks (which I'm fuming about), so the best exam mark I can hope for is 92%, although realistically I'll be doing well to get 85. Which would just about put me on target for my 70% expected original… However I'm feeling a bit wary of the rest of my exams, so not feeling to great right now. And I also realised that the 74% is not including my third year project, which is bound to drag everything down a bit… I was hoping to have made some real inroads into getting better than expected marks by now, but they don't seem to have materialised. And the hard ones are coming up now. All in all, am a bit worried and pissed off that I'm not going to get much at all above 70% before my mark is "Seymoured". Grrrrr

    19 May 2005, 16:55

  15. Exam update: This morning, had ES353 Heat Transfer Theory and Design. The revision that I started yesterday afternoon till 11PM and then from 5AM this morning really paid off; it was a 5 questions of 7 paper. It was an absolute peach – four questions went wonderfully, the fifth one I spent a long time on because I had about 15 different co-efficients and one of the ones I was using wasn't right so it took ages to diagnose the flaw, but eventually got that question completed too. Managed to answer all my 5 questions without a single wordy question, and had time to double and triple check all calculations before I left half an hour before the end of the exam. All in all, a beauty of an exam, should get at least 90% I hope, and the coursework for that module was a first too, so finally some really good news on the exam front.

    'ave it.

    21 May 2005, 12:52

  16. Exam update: ES385 done this morning. I've had better exams! It was an answer 2 of 4 paper, so each question accounted for 50%. I hopefully got 40 to 45 on one question, maybe 10 to 15 on the other. Coursework was a first so should help drag mark up a bit. Predict anything from 55 to 65% including coursework, before moderation. Some work to be done for fluids I think :'(

    23 May 2005, 12:39

  17. Exam update: ES30AY also now history. An okish paper really, the key problem was my 4.5 hours sleep and 4 pro-plus tablets that I've consumed so far today to keep me the right side of conscious. Consequently, the stuff that I revised (which mostly was what came up in the exam) didn't sink in, and for the first time, well ever I think, my memory has failed me. Well not failed me, I did 2.5 questions out of 4 quite well, one was a disaster, the other half of the question that I did well I got some velocities wrong but it all came out to the right answer, so I don't know how many marks I'll lose. Like I said though, 2.5 questions answered quite well, so anything from 55% up to 65% a possibility. I am annoyed that I haven't done better though, and that leaves me a possible 20% I might still have to find in my last two exams I reckon, just to hit a 74 average, which after my project will probably be more like a 71 average. We shall wait and see. Design of machines next though, so a nice paper that I should ace, if I can just spend most of tomorrow bothering to work. This afternoon though, it's all about the R&R.

    24 May 2005, 13:22

  18. Exam update: ES388 Design of Machines done and dusted. The paper was ok I thought, could have been easier (read: more repetivite on previous years) than it was, but managed to answer two questions completely and the other two half well answered and half educated waffle for grabbing marks on the irritating discussion parts (dammit why can't they be all-calculation questions :-( ). All in all, I expect a mark of around 80 to 85% from that paper. Depends on if I made silly numerical errors (I caught myself making a few, but did a lot of double-checking so hopefully have eradicated them) and how many marks I blagged elsewhere. Off for a rest again methinks! One to go…

    26 May 2005, 11:52

  19. Exam update: ES386 was last to fall this morning. Paper was pretty fair, especially considering it was set by CRT, but my lack of revision (must get out of this starting the afternoon before habit) cost me. Still, hopefully somewhere around 60% provided stupid mistakes were minimised, which I'm hapy with. Off to chill out now!

    28 May 2005, 12:50

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