December 05, 2005

Radio 4

For those who care, a few of the Warwick Conservatives will be taking part in "The World Tonight" tomorrow evening on Radio 4 from 10–10:45, in reaction to the leadership election result to be announced tomorrow afternoon. I'm personally really looking forward to taking part; although I haven't thought about what I'm going to say yet so I'm a bit nervous!

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  1. Never realised you were a conservative.


    06 Dec 2005, 10:52

  2. Is that sarcasm? I can't tell through the expressionless medium of text on a screen :-S

    06 Dec 2005, 11:23

  3. I've had a few thoughts about what to say – I know it's not guaranteed that I'll be one of the ones interviewed, but going on the basis that I'm a woman and I'm a Davis supporter, I'm guessing the chances are quite high…

    Have thought of a couple of things regarding supporting the party as a whole, because he spoke to me about that when I spoke to him the other week (the producer guy), and obviously my reasons for voting Davis and not voting Cameron.

    Am going to do a bit more research though, and find a couple of interviews that I missed (i.e. all of them apart from Question Time) and have a look through their campaign notes so I know what they've both been up to – I only know bits and bobs, and I want to appear intelligent, so I'm going to do my prep!!


    06 Dec 2005, 11:46

  4. Trace Brazen

    "Never realised you were a conservative."

    Ummmm – maybe the right wing opinions were a bit of a giveaway???

    07 Dec 2005, 17:56

  5. Haha! I'm not that right wing? Am I?

    07 Dec 2005, 18:46

  6. …yes.


    07 Dec 2005, 20:05

  7. :'(


    07 Dec 2005, 21:32

  8. It's not a bad thing!



    08 Dec 2005, 10:37

  9. I don't mind being a bit right-wing, but the comments imply that I do so to excess, which is definitely a bad thing!


    08 Dec 2005, 13:53

  10. Lindsey

    Siggy, dear… I think if any one said you were a "bit" right wing, they'd be doing so out of politeness and not wanting to insult you too badly….. ;) :P

    coughs Ok, what did you expect me to say! haha. You're very right wing, but I am very left wing and I still luv ya. So perk up!

    How'd the show go anyway? You should tell me when you see me on msn. Oh, but don't go into what specific opinions are cause you know we'll argue, I'm asking how it went not what was talked about ;)

    08 Dec 2005, 15:08

  11. :-( Meanie!

    08 Dec 2005, 15:35

  12. Yes, it was sarcastic!! Hard to miss the tory in Chris!

    Being conservative is the way to go, I feel.

    09 Dec 2005, 20:26

  13. Lol ok I can't tell :-S I admit, I'm a plank.

    09 Dec 2005, 21:39

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