October 16, 2005

Mild fatigue issues

I am taking this opportunity to officially announce that I am knackered. I haven't been sleeping great recently (namely because I have too much to do and I spend too much time avoiding doing it), but nevertheless this must partially be my own fault too. Such as last night's genius decision that I should watch the Chinese GP live this morning, firstly because it's the last race of the season so I should make the effort really, and secondly because it then frees up the middle of the afternoon. However, this decision was not taken until 1AM. I then had to go set up some stuff to ensure that I could watch it through headphones, as I bet that none of my flatmates would appreciate the noise of 20 V10 engines through my crappy TV speakers before midday on a Sunday. So I didn't get to bed until 1:30, and have been up since before 6. When I was already seriously down on sleep. I am so not going to make it through Wedding Crashers this evening without nodding off... On the subject of the Grand Prix, I shall write up my thoughts and analysis later after the race has been re-aired at 2PM for those with a lack of dedication some sense. See, aren't I nice?

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  1. Hmm.
    Perhaps sleeping power-nap stylee after lunch would be a good idea? You'll be surprised at how good power naps are… Go to bed, and set your alarm for 45 minutes later, thus giving you 10 or 15 mins to drop off before the recommended 30 minute nap (it wakes you up just as you're heading for deep sleep I believe)...

    Alternatively, go to bed when the rest of the world goes to bed. It makes sense…


    16 Oct 2005, 09:56

  2. It would be a good idea if I could power nap! Alas, I am one of these strange people who cannot fall asleep in the middle of the day. As to going to bed – I honestly don't know where my evenings go – I turn around and it's in the small hours all of a sudden!


    16 Oct 2005, 10:13

  3. I did that last week, absolutely shattering. There was no way i was gonna do it again, this week after rolling in at 2.30am

    16 Oct 2005, 17:13

  4. I cannot sleep during the day either. Just feels wrong!

    17 Oct 2005, 23:46

  5. If only I could sleep more at night! Alas, crappy bodyclock that won't sleep through and student life that keeps me awake later than I should…

    18 Oct 2005, 00:58

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