September 05, 2006

Life's most fun activity…

I have decided over the past few weeks whilst farming that the most enjoyable activity someone can do is ploughing. Sure, driving a fast car is more thrilling, but ultimately I reckon I enjoy ploughing more. It’s relaxing, it allows a great opportunity for the mind to think, and it’s just fun really. There’s nothing quite like motoring along all day at a good pace, doing a good job of something, carrying on till midnight or so and then starting afresh at 6AM to the song of the birds awakening at sunrise. Sadly I fear that my fifth summer playing farming will be my last. I’m hoping to find a way of keeping a bit of farming on the cards, maybe using a long holiday in the summer, but at the moment I need to do some more thought and investigation into it. Anyway, here’s a picture of my toy and me looking “like a hick” according to Lindsey:

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  1. Lindsey

    I said ALMOST like a hick.

    keyword there was ALMOST!

    You and the tractor are both way too clean for you to actually look LIKE a hick. Plus, you aren’t wearing plaid. And your sunglasses don’t match hicks at all. And your pants have no holes in them that I can see.

    05 Sep 2006, 20:02

  2. Haha I’m a lot dirtier than I look in that shot. And there’s a massive hole in my jeans on the right knee, but you can’t see it in that shot.

    05 Sep 2006, 20:29

  3. Lindsey

    It’s still an ‘almost’ dear.

    Any real redneck wouldn’t be caught dead with those sunglasses ;)

    It’s much less of an insult to call you ALMOST like a hick!

    05 Sep 2006, 20:57

  4. But a top top chap whether a hick or not! I think I know who took that photo…

    05 Sep 2006, 21:07

  5. Damn you look fit in that photo Mr Sigournay ;)
    I demand that you stop wearing farming clothes and driving tractors immediately.

    fans self in flustered manner



    PS – would be better without the baseball cap though…

    05 Sep 2006, 22:44

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Traaaaaaaaaaac-aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

    05 Sep 2006, 23:48

  7. Mathew Mannion

    I’d like to dispute “Tractarrrr” as life’s most fun activity…

    06 Sep 2006, 00:33

  8. Hamid Sirhan

    When I read “Life’s ultimate pleasure = ploughing” I imagined the photo loading would have either been you driving Oxen or hauling a great big peace of wood with a hunk of metal attached…. didn’t expect it to be a case of the “Fuck yeah! Monster trucks!” :P

    06 Sep 2006, 01:12

  9. Jenny

    When I was on the Metro in Paris earlier this year I met an American man who had worked for John Deere all his life, he was so proud of the company and went into great detail about all the different agricultural machinery they made (he was very enthusiastic about it which I thought was wonderful… I find there’s something rather endearing about the love men have for machinery).

    I’ve never done any ploughing but imagine it would be satisfying, a bit like mowing the lawn but on a bigger scale. I also agree with Lorna, you do look very fit Christopher.

    06 Sep 2006, 07:35

  10. Lorna – how can you drive a tractor without a baseball cap?!? It’s essential uniform!

    Mat – dispute it with what alternative? (And can you claim to speak from experience to compare both)

    Hamid – if you didn’t expect a case of the “Fuck yeah! Monster trucks!”, then you obviously don’t read my blog very often ;-)

    Jenny – it is a bit like mowing the lawn. I’ve only ever met fitters and sales reps from agricultural companies, I’d like to meet an engineer sometime though and tour a factory.

    06 Sep 2006, 08:23

  11. Well Sam (of the ex boyfriend type) didn’t wear any kind of hat, and my Dad wears a very strange type of hat which is definitely not a baseball cap…

    So there :P


    PS – you didn’t comment on me calling you fit…

    06 Sep 2006, 09:50

  12. Does Hamid realise what he said?

    06 Sep 2006, 14:23

  13. I’ll stick to dancing on stage, clad in an elephant costume. Can’t beat it.

    06 Sep 2006, 19:36

  14. Hehe, cool pic! My nephew Tom is obsessed with tractors at the moment, and i showed him this photo earlier – there was much excited grunting, bouncing on my knee, and pointing of dribbly fingers all over my computer screen… lovely! :-)

    09 Sep 2006, 20:13

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