March 03, 2005

An entry on health

Usually, I don't get ill. I'm fairly sure the last time I got ill was when I had fresher's flu at the start of the first year, which is about 2 1/2 years ago. And that only lasted a week. I have a good immune system, healthy(ish) diet and even when I do catch something it rarely takes more than 3 days at the most for it to go away. However, I seem to have caught manflu from somewhere. I blame Chris. He's good for blaming and the last person I knew who was ill. So this is all your fault. I've had this wretched bleugh-ness since last tuesday now and it's getting beyond a joke. I've spent about £20 on cough mixture, vitamin tonic, lempsip, nasal spray…the list goes on. And still it bloody well persists, and I swear every day I wake up I feel worse than the day before. If this sounds all whiney then it really doesn't mean to, I'm not whiney – I'm exceptionally pissed off with my body. For crying out loud, it's a bit of manflu. Get rid of it already so I can get a (half) decent night's sleep where I can actually breathe, make it through a lecture without sounding like a bren gun and not ache as if I'm 90. I haven't even washed my car since sunday because I don't even feel up to that for crying out loud, and the poor thing is filthy.

Bloody hopeless body/immune system. Get on with it.

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  1. Awww. drink lots of orange juice!!


    03 Mar 2005, 11:49

  2. Thanks for the tip – I already doubled my orange juice intake rate at breakfast today. Here's hoping it'll bloody well go away by the end of the weekend so I can get something useful done!


    03 Mar 2005, 13:18

  3. Well it probably will be gone. The reason why you're feeling so shit now is probably because your immune system is trying to kick arse, and in doing so it causes a little damage. Hey, nothing's perfect (except maybe Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but I won't go into that!)


    03 Mar 2005, 15:39

  4. Lindsey

    Welll….. I've said two things to you about it!

    1. Go see a doctor, JUST BECAUSE of number2…

    2. You better be not-sick before you come to visit me! grins

    That is all!

    03 Mar 2005, 15:49

  5. Okey doke so hopefully I won't take much longer to get better according to your expertise Anna! Fingers crossed you're right (not that I doubt you of course ;-) ). Mycobacterium tuberculosis sounds quite interesting but you might want to save my other blog readers from it, but feel free to tell me about it sometime :-)

    Lindsey – I AM NOT GOING TO SEE A DOCTOR DAMMIT! It's a cold/manflu and there's nothing that they will be able to give me for it. I'll be better easily before I come see you. Promise.


    03 Mar 2005, 16:06

  6. Responsibility accepted.

    04 Mar 2005, 11:01

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