November 24, 2005


Following a number of hours of being obstinate with Matlab, I have what appears to be a working 190 line program for my ES480 Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems coursework. That is, the answers it's producing seem entirely reasonable and smooth. I haven't checked it against the assignment test data yet (next task to do), but as it's nearly half 1 I think I shall retire from the computing rooms and go back to bed for some sleep. I need to be in the workshops for 8AM anyway…

Formula Student CAD work has unfortunately not been so successful. Not a complete disaster either mind you, but I haven't got all the drawings I need produced unfortunately. So that's another job to do for tomorrow – oh the joy.

If anyone who knows me well is good at job applications by the way and wants to earn some money, I'm seriously considering employing someone to fill out some application forms for me. I really must get round to sending my applications for Rolls Royce, Caterpillar, Quinetiq, Ricardo, JCB, Jaguar/Aston Martin and BP off but I can never find the time. Damnation :-S

Red bull consumption will shortly be on the increase methinks…

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  1. Ford PAG have no current graduate places sadly…

    24 Nov 2005, 08:07

  2. Oh well – saves me an application!

    24 Nov 2005, 09:36

  3. Glad you're making progress, hope it's continuing that way! Sounds very impressive to me :-)

    25 Nov 2005, 01:31

  4. I'm going to buy shares in Red Bull, seeing that you consume so much.

    25 Nov 2005, 18:08

  5. Thanks Em :-)

    Nathaniel – that's probably a very good decision to make. Now you know how they can afford two formula 1 teams ;-)

    25 Nov 2005, 19:04

  6. Red Bull is brilliant…but i find it makes you very tired the next, next day.

    Tastes good too. :D

    25 Nov 2005, 21:22

  7. You think so? I've never had that experience that I know of… But yeah it tastes great!

    25 Nov 2005, 23:55

  8. You could get Red Bull onboard, as a social and welfare sponsor for your Formula Student team.

    Design powered by Red Bull

    26 Nov 2005, 00:00

  9. Now there's a plan :-D

    26 Nov 2005, 00:05

  10. Failing that, you may go downmarket and use the cheap-copy by Tesco's called "Kick"

    Previous Flat 38 experiments (conducted by John Evans) have shown that mixing "Kick" and vodka in "eqi-potent" concentrations can knock out a human being at t=0 (that he needed to be carried to bed). And at t=5mins, that same person is up and bouncing off walls and ceilings.

    Do not attempt any of these experiments at home, without men in white coats

    26 Nov 2005, 00:25

  11. Ahhh Kick…. My friends and I used to drink that by the litre bottle back home :-)

    26 Nov 2005, 00:30

  12. Trace Brazen

    Look at this thing on the red bull site Chris. You can be in their energy team and they give red bull (also a stupid looking car, but heh ho). I think they mostly want bubbly blondes, but you never know.


    btw – Beethoven is awesome! – ROCK ON!

    26 Nov 2005, 13:47

  13. Haha – I know of the West Midlands rep already. Sadly I don't think I can give her much of a run for her money in terms of appeal to members of the public…

    26 Nov 2005, 16:39

  14. Well, it depends how much you have drunk. :P (To return to my comment.)

    26 Nov 2005, 21:36

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