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May 31, 2005

Motoring week: Second entry

Well it's about a week on since I last published an entry in this category, so here goes…

It's been a mixed week really, as regards motoring. Until Saturday morning, I didn't think I'd have anything to write about at all, which was beginning to worry me as it would have been an embarrasing flop on what is only the second week of existence of this category. My fears were unfounded. Saturday morning at about 7AM, seriously tired and buzzing on exam stress, I had the most fantastic drive ever into university, achieved by the good weather, lack of traffic, adrenaline being in my blood anyway and not least because I've been given the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack by someone who didn't want it. In goes disc two at the maximum volume my car stereo will put out before distortion (which is a fair bit, since I have a non-standard ICE install), and oh. My. God. Everyone who's into driving and music like that found in the Matrix films should try this when fired up, and see what the effects are. I truly didn't care much about my exam by the time I got to uni, which in retrospect was probably not a good thing…

Also of course, the new series of Top Gear continued. I was out on Sunday evening (went to Birmingham to see a show with some friends to celebrate the end of exams – a lot of boring motorway driving there. The show was quite interesting though and I think I scared George for life on the drive to my house, I ended up covering the journey from Canley to BI to Chris's house in about 35 minutes, including a 5 minute stop at home, which is some going), so of course the video recorder was set instead. I didn't like the Maserati MC12 all that much, I personally think the styling's a bit off, and for the money I'd get a Zonda Roadster instead. Or maybe a fleet of XJRs! But I liked the used car feature – was oddly enough considering a Jaguar XJS to replace the Escort this autumn. The shortlist is an XJ (the X300 - built from '94 to '97, preferrably a supercharged 'R'), XJS, X-Type 3.0 or a Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo. Right now I'm leaning towards the Nissan, as the XJ and XJS are both a bit suspect on maintenance costs (the XJS in particular has reliability for day-to-day use and fuel economy concerns), and they both only really come in autos, although a select few manual 4.0 XJSs are around. The X-Type is still a bit new and will therefore depreciate heavily from purchase, and in any case is significantly more expensive than the others to start out, so that's mainly what's putting me off that. Comments on helping me with a decision welcome!

This week I'm off to Silverstone Thursday to see F1 testing, and on Friday it's a 2 hour drive home to Somerset. Should be quite a bit to blog about next week then, and the week after that it's the start of my summer job, so I'll have plenty to talk about as regards driving, though of quite a different sort!

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