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May 24, 2005

New category!

Well this is a new category I've created. I've had the idea for a while now, and have finally decided that the time has come to do it, after much debate over whether a blog is admissible evidence or not. Essentially, I'm going to attempt to summarise interesting things that have happened in the world of cars and my personal driving experiences over the period since I last posted an entry (probably about one a week). Note: to over 99% of the population, I appreciate that this will be a very dull and boring category. For those who are bored by it, my apologies. This is just my sad, geeky motoring journal section really, and I apologise profusely to those who don't give a damn!

Ok so interesting stuff that happened… Well last week I was on my way in for an afternoon exam (think it was my Design Techniques and Management last thursday) and spotted a DB9 had caught me up! Royal blue, gleaming… God it was gorgeous. Had to turn the radio off and wind the windows down to hear it shoot off at a junction… But anyway. Had an interesting couple of moments yesterday – going into uni at about 7:15 for FEA, had a worrying point through a village. I was half on the throttle in third gear around a corner, accelerating slightly, when the front all of a sudden decided to start pushing rather unexpectedly. A quick throttle lift-off corrected it, complete with lift-off-oversteer abound. I put it down to damp roads, but on the way back discovered that there was a huge loose gravel patch there that I hadn't spotted, because it was small and the colour of the road, which the rain had disguised. I thought it was a bit odd getting that much push at the speed I was going! Saw an accident just after that spot this morning too, old mini had a smashed up front end (right wheel assembly mostly), and a Jag XJR X300 had been going the other way with what looked like rear-end damage. God knows how that one happened, but there they were at 7:15 merrily exchanging details… Only other point of note is I saw a Massey 8480 and Cat MT865 coming the other way in convoy yesterday when on my way back from FEA. Not a sight you see every day!

In non-me car news, the new series of Top Gear started on Sunday. If you missed it, where were you! It's also now repeated Tuesdays 7–8. It was a truly fantastic episode, the Merc CLS was sexier even than I was expecting, Aygo football was hilarious (I can't believe they did that with ten brand new cars!) and the end Range Rover Sport vs Challenger 2 feature was just one of the best ever. And they chained themselves to a few buses in response to Greenpeace's Land Rover invasion. Which was comic genius!

And thus starts my motoring diary.

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