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October 20, 2005

Yet another one! Hey, I'm bored…

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

There seems to be another alphabet quiz doing the rounds of blogs. And who am I to stem the tide of popularity?

A: The most Audacious thing you’ve ever done
I don't know really. Nothing springs to mind – how dull! The most fun thing I ever did was aerobatics in a WWII fighter, but that was hardly audacious.

B: Favourite Badger joke
Never heard one. But the online thing is funny.

C: Favourite Curry
All curry should be filed under b for bin. I hate the stuff.

D: Number of drinks it takes to get utterly Drunk
Well the only time I got utterly drunk I don't know because I had about 10 different kinds of spirits not in measures and I don't remember much about the end of that… I would say something greater than 15 units.

E: Your most Effeminate characteristic
I can be quite fussy about my hair sometimes. Not overly so, but a bit (not that you'd tell…)

F: The last thing that you got for Free
Lorna bought me a drink last night

G: Number of times that you’ve visited a Gym
As many times as I had to in P.E. lessons

H: Where you call Home
Middlezoy, Somerset. Despite the fact that there's only one house owned by the family there now, and that's my grandparents. Ours was sold a few years ago :'(

I: (leaving things open for dodgy minds…) Any Instruments that you play
Guitar badly – haven't played in years

J: (and again…) Favourite Juice

K: Song that you would sing Karaoke to
Never ever ever will I sing Karaoke. If I was forced to under pain of death, Bryan Adams – Summer of '69

L: Number of times you’ve Laminated – and if you’ve achieved your laminating qualifications from the MC Office yet

M: (As seen on the BBC News website:) How much Money do you think you’d need to be happy?
Depends on personal circumstances. If they're good – enough to live what I call comfortably. Maybe £300,000 for a nice house, a few thousand on a couple of nice cars. If things don't work out, a few million to amuse myself with

N: Favourite Naan to have with aforementioned curry
Hate currys. Like garlic Naan though

O: Your Oldest possession
My teddy bear from when I was born. He looks a little worse for wear but still have him at home somewhere.

P: Your worst Phobia
Not bothered by most things, but I never cared much for creepy crawlies. Dunno that I actually have a phobia though. Does a phobia of failure count?

Q: Something that makes you feel Queasy
Smell/sound/sight of vomit is about the only thing guaranteed to make me feel really sick

R: Recent New Year Resolutions made, and how many still going
I don't make them anymore

S: Favourite Season
Tough one. Early spring mornings when the air is cold and crisp, a bit of frost but everything is getting into life and the sun is about are to die for.

T: Number of cups of Tea consumed per day (on average)
Zero – tea's yucky.

U: The most Useful lesson you’ve ever learnt:
Not to take more than you give, and not to ask anything more of anyone else than you ask of yourself.

V: Number of Valentines cards received (either in your life or in the last year – depending on how popular you are!)
Excluding fake ones, zero.

W: A film that can make you Weep
Do I have to admit to crying at a film? I'd really rather not…

X: Have you ever dyed your hair to become Xanthocomic (Blonde: link)
Ummmm surprisingly no

Y: The first memory you had, at your Youngest
My first memory is when we were building a patio, I must have been about 2 or 3 at the time. Dad was driving the old Rover V8 with the trailer on the back and I wanted to go with him to get some sand from Dunball Wharf, partly for the ride and partly to look at the diggers they have there.

Z: Favourite animal you could see in a Zoo
I love most big cats, my favourites are probably Tigers, Leopards and Jaguars.

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