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May 14, 2005

Shamelessly copying

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Well I'm meant to be revising and have nothing better to do, and when I came across this I thought I might as well give it a go…

In case you don't visit the trackback, Chris has listed all his modules, with targets and predictions for marks. I've given overall predicted percentages for each module inclusive of coursework, the mark in brackets is what I would hoped to have gotten had I done the coursework and exam to the standard that I should have:

ES30A Fundamental Fluid Mechanics I&II: 70% (Target 85%)
ES353 Heat Transfer Theory and Design: 80% (Target 90%)
ES379 Finance and Accounting: 70% (Target 80%)
ES380 Design Techniques and Management: 75% (Target 85%)
ES384 Internal Combustion engines: 70% (Target 90%) (Damn that coursework)
ES385 Fundamental Finite Elemement Methods: 75% (Target 85%)
ES386 Dynamics of Vibrating Systems: 70% (Target 80%)
ES388 Design of Machines: 80% (Target 90%)

Average: 74% (Target 86%)

There is then of course the third year project to add on to this, which has double the weighting of the exams. I am hoping for something in the region of 60 to 65% on this. After the Seymour formula (multiply overall percentage by 1.1) has been applied, I'll be content to walk away with 80%. We shall see how it goes…

Blog social: Post–social analysis

Well last night I attended my second blog social. T'was fun, got to meet most of the hardcore bloggers last night that weren't at the first one I went to. Well I say meet…

I decided to once again totally ignore Simon's advice that blog socials are all about walking about, talking to people, running out of things to say and moving on to more random people, and as per usual sat down and waited for some poor unsuspecting victim to either start conversation with me, or leave themselves exposed for me to jump in on a conversation with them. To start with, I briefly met Kim, who seemed lovely. Then Jill and Victoria turned up. I'd met them before so caught up with them, and narrowly avoided (at least I hope I avoided!) offending Victoria again when I was inquisitive about the relevance of Classics. Not that I was rude or insulting you understand, just inquisitive... Was cool to catch up with them anyway. I learned later on in the evening that Victoria has rather scary (well it was scary to me) independent eyebrow control... Also probably scared the lot of them (and Mia (another new lovely person who I met) too) when discussing cars and aeroplane fuel consumption rates with Simon. Sorry about that guys, but you really shouldn't have led me onto that sort of subject or let me carry on! Also had a good chat with Luke, a chap I forgot the name of, and also Thomas made a second appearance.

All in all, a fun and relaxing evening. Hope to see you all at the next one guys!

On a seperate note, was shocked to discover this morning that I am one of Warwick blog's top 30 contributors (by volume of comments). For the top 50, check out the list here.

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