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May 10, 2006

Exam predictions for this year

Follow-up to Shamelessly copying from From tractors to reactors

Having started revision and looked at a couple of past papers, it's time for my yearly exam prediction. Here goes nothing…

ES425 Engineering Business Management (Monday 15th PM): 65% (target: 70%) This is not one of my strongest modules, being waffly business rubbish, and in any case I can't do as well as Chris in this or I'll lose face. Coursework came back better than I thought but not super–high
ES442 Precision Engineering and Microsystems (Wednesday 17th AM): 75% (target: 85%) This is a learnable module and most of the exam looks straightforward, but there are a number of descriptive questions that require learning to do well at and frankly I can't be arsed. CourseworkI suspect is middling to good
ES469 Design for Manufacture (Thursday 18th AM): 70% (target: 80%) Another straightforward module that just requires too much learning to excel at. Coursework is mediocre I think
ES480 Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems (Monday 22nd May AM): 70% (target: 80%) A module I am capable in with enough revision and I'm actually interested in the subject, but it's a tough one with lots of vectors and vector calculus so prediction needs to be kept in check. Coursework was strong in this module
ES368 Renewable Energy Systems (Wednesday 24th May PM): 80% (Target: 85%) This module is straightforward and uncomplicated, just requires a reasonable amount of revision of stuff I don't yet know. Coursework is ok I think
ES389 Energy Conservation (Friday 26th May PM): 85% (Target: 90%) A very straightforward paper but getting the last few marks in non–calculation questions is unlikely. Plus coursework may not be shining
ES441 Advanced Fluid Dynamics (Saturday 27th May AM): 75% (Target: 80%) Half of this module is difficult and half of it is straightforward. Hopefully one I really stand a chance of meeting or exceeding my target. Coursework came back quite strong
ES387 Mathematical and Computational Modelling (Tuesday 30th May AM): 80% (Target: 90%) Coursework on this module went well I think and the exam should go ok and I have a fair bit of time to learn it. Fingers crossed!

So there's my exam predictions for my finals. The only other module is the project which I hope will come back as a first after all the work I've put into it. I can't be bothered to work out what spread of percentages my predictions give me right now (will come back to it later I think) but it should be enough for me to walk away a happy chappy. I'll place a comment on this post after each exam just like last year as well with a brief run–down, more for my own use and records than anyone else's.

Edit: these marks give me a spread of 75% to 82.5% before Seymour, which works out at 82.5% to 90.75% after Seymour (both before suspected first class project is factored in). My hopes of breaking 80% in my final year are looking up!

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