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September 08, 2006

New car again

Ok the Focus ST-2 has been on order since the end of July. I was aware that the delivery would not be exact and may be slightly later than the 3 months originally quoted. However I got a phone call from the dealer this morning explaining that there were parts supply issues with the ST’s, and currently my car is due to be built in the December/January period. This, to be honest, isn’t great. I know it’s no fault of the dealer, and in many ways this works out ok because I get to keep my current car a while longer whilst I’m doing lots of 500 mile a week commuting to work until I get my own place sorted out hopefully early next year. But really, I want a new car sooner than that. So my options, as far as I’ve decided, are as follows:

1. Stick with the Focus. Accept that it’s going to be ages until it gets here, get some money together in the meantime and enjoy it when it finally gets here


2. Cancel my order and get my deposit back, and look for a nearly new 350Z GT manual. Insurance is a few hundred quid higher but still in the realms of affordability. Fuel economy drops from a listed 30MPG to 24MPG (so from 25MPG to 20 if I’m lucky in the real world), and considering I’m going to be doing around 18,000 miles a year on a limited budget this is significant, as is the rise in insurance costs. However, it means I get a better car slightly sooner. The 350Z is a lovely car, a good deal quicker again than the ST and rear wheel drive with a meaty and sonorous 3.5 litre V6. From a financial point of view, it makes more sense (less depreciation and interest to pay on the loan) but faces higher running costs. From a practical/personal point of view, it’s more of a proper sports car but less practical and it’s not new.

Have ruled out Jags for the time being as either too costly or too soft compared to my other two options for the time being. Thoughts of petrol-head bloggers welcome.

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