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April 04, 2005

I kidnapped him!!

Heeeeey British people! haha

Siggy's standing right here watching me so I feel rather silly BUT I wanted to say hey since I can take over the computer seeing as right now this IS my computer I am using. lol. It's Lindsey, btw.

Annnnnd just to let you all know.. we are NOT an ice cube here Siggy just brought the snow with him. Seriously the day before he got here it was QUITE nice and then when he got here it was this wet yucky snow and the next day there was SNOW on the ground… yuck. Lovely though eh? haha. Buuuuuut it is leaving now since the weather is nicer.

He's still watching me to monitor what I am typing. So that isn't as MUCH fun because I can't say anything like how I dabbed him on the forehead with a bingo dabber…. lol. I ASKED though he didn't know what one was until he had this green dot on his forehead. I'm mean. BUT it was very funny. And I DID ask. It's not my fault he didn't know what it was!


ANYWAY since I feel like a dolt typing while someone is watching me, I'm gonna stop. And he just asked me what a dolt is so you probably don't know either. It's basically the same as calling myself an idiot.

And now I want to go downtown so I will be off!

Made it at last (can I please collapse now?)

Hurrah, have finally made it to Canada! Booking a proper ticket was definitely a good idea, as the plane was still overbooked and I only just got on still, with a commercial ticket. Fun and games at check-in but hey, made it through. I had to slum it in club in the end because all the seats in cattle were full. Oh well, here's hoping for first on the way back.

I haven't really gotten up to much yet, because the weather here has been really crap and I'm just getting adjusted – snowstorms and high winds. Trust me to leave the UK and 18 degree heat with a lovely spell of sunshine to go to a windy snowy place where the temperature is hovering around freezing. Still, it looks like a blue sky for today, so hopefully the forecast of better weather is on the money so that we can go do some stuff tomorrow.

I would also like to record that my body clock is absolutely crap. I'm an early riser (for a student, anyway) and I lack the ability to sleep in. Cue the fact that Canada is 5 hours behind us, and also that Lindsey stays up late and insists on keeping me up until 2AM with movies and stuff, and I am feeling pretty bloody tired. Yesterday I managed to sleep from about 3 till 6:30, today it was 2 until 7 (although that included waking up at 5 and deciding that I really should force myself to sleep a couple of more hours). And when I nod off in a film or something I get poked :-( I've met a lot of people, who probably all think I'm a bit quiet and stuff because they're meeting me when I'm practically sleep-walking, but hey. Anyways, more entries when I have something interesting to report, rather than tiredness and nagging to do reports…

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