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November 22, 2004

Excited time

As we can see, the record of yesterday is empty. I think it is a funny thing. I went to bed about 00:30 am in Fri, and next day, I was waked up by my phone ring, I asked my friend the time at that time ,and got answer which is 6:30, I thinks it is early, why called me in the early morning? But I heared that it is 6:30 in the afternoon, what are you doing? I am striked and shocked. What happened? EI? Why I feel nothing during 18 hours in bed? So, it is the most undeserved Sunday in this year.
I continued learning in midnight that night, at 5:30am, I think it is high time I had a rest, but I trying do that during the following 2 hours, it is the excruciating time in bed, I was encouraged by th new ideas. Then, at last, I got up at 7:30am.

I had noticed that all the projects the Dr. provided for me use the software of Matlab, and just do the simulation. Then I wanna renew the ideas by JAVA ,and I have a strong willing to try to build up a hardware, although I am not sure it will be successful or not.

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