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November 18, 2004

My first log

Although it is midnight, in the daylight of yesterday, it is a big misktake to miss the project group meeting. Whatever the reasons, it is the secondary, the very important thing is lossing the chance of a discussion. The pending things is as follows:

a) Neural network bured solution to two noise cancellation problem.

1) learning rules

Use to adaptive filter out noise

2) Use learning algorithem

Study a beamforming problem (Matlab toolbox of neural network and signal processing)

b) An integrated AI optimised channel allocation, handoff and call dropping algorithm is proposed in this dissertation to improve the quality and stability of the telecommunication service.

Then what is the relationship of the Fussy logic and Nueral Network and AI? what kind of standard to judge use one of them?

Basiclly, I think Fussy logic is a kind of tool for the algorithem or a way.
AI should be a tech depend on the program, it is used for the known entironment, and calculate the accurate result. So, it is the logic thought of lthe eft side of the brain.
Nueral network is a kind of intercommunication. It is a adaptive system which is based on simulating and calculating the math module of electronics and program. With the aid of fussy logic thought. It shows the visualize thought of the right side of the brain.
Does it has the relationship with the storage and calculation ability if we choose the way to solve the problem?

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