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February 06, 2005

Analysis 1, 2 and 3….

You might have read about Analysis one, two and three in the literature. Do you carry out these analyses in the assignment?

'Analysis one' is to state who the Client ( who caused the study to happen) is; potential problem-owner/solvers; these inform a range of systems to model. So 'Yes'.

Analysis two is to identify roles+norms+values – a 'cultural' analysis . We haven't looked at this , you will probably interpret some aspects implicitly.

Analysis Three is a 'political ' analysis that informs your choice of systems and 'recommendations for change'. However this is theoretically difficult to pin down. In SSM studies thinking about'commodities of power, how power is passed on etc is sometimes discussed. Whether you wish to question aspects that you can read into the case I leave to you.

February 04, 2005

Electronic journals

Follow-up to Preparation for week 14 seminars from Christine's blog


Here is a list of a few journals publishing OR research, if you use the Warwick e-journals link (above) to access these you will need your library number and password.

Computers and OR
European Journal of OR
Journal of the OR Society (JORS)
Systems Practice (now Systems Practice and Action Research)

February 03, 2005

Learning about activity modelling

Well I hope that the last seminar for NMOR in SSM modelling crystalised a few more insights into usefulness of the approach. I've found that this weeks modelling provoked some 'critical' questions as to where to set the boundary to the model on 'professional planning of production plans.

You might not be that keen on manufacturing operations (as I once was in a previous role) but if you take your observations about what doubts and questions you were faced with in the modelling ( Here is where your blog comes in…. make use of it!), you can reflect upon these and ask 'why might it be useful to be guided by the modelling to ask that kind of question?' – you will have lots of useful material to be able to evaluate SSM.

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