October 02, 2005

My review assignment

If you ever go to Vienna, be sure not to miss Hundertwasser house.
It may take a while to find it among other standard, grey buildings, but the experience is amazing. This construction is not only a souce of optimism and freshness, but it is also an experience in itself.

It is based on a project by the Austrian painter Hundertwasser, who envisioned a place where art meets nature and whose dream was to create a living space that defied contemporary concepts about what a house should be like.For example, he believed in the equality of windows, so why should a house not have several types of windows next to each other? :)

The house has tree tenants and 900 tons of soil were placed on the terraces so that the trees can live inside the house, with the human tenants. It is the only place I know of that has trees growing out of the upper floors.

I believe this is an example of great design because I embrace the philosophy of living in harmony with nature and I think this is the perfect symbol of that.
Also, the house is not only a conceptual statement and an unconvetional living space, but a work of art. Many of the interiors and the outside decorations are quite beautiful. Here are some of the pillars that hold it up:

The space has both an artistic and a functional value, people still live in it today, and so do trees. Here is a Hundertwasser postcard that underlines that philosophy:

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