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November 25, 2016

Celebrity Criminals (Sources)

Writing about web page

This week please could you research in primary sources a celebrity criminal of your choice. Consider how they are represented in the source(s) and what we learn about contemporary attitudes.

Some suggestions for sources are here:


Thursday group reading on sexual crime sources

Please could you look at the following sources:

James - Remedies for the Wrongs of Woman

Yetunde - Bodeleian ballads (choose 2 or 3)

Zoe - A brief explanation...

Izzy - Contagious Diseases Act and summons

Amie - Butler

Louisa - Bodleian ballads (choose 2 or 3)

Abi - Acton

Aksana - Hansard on CD Acts

Aleemat - Stead

Oliver R-J - Power Cobbe

Mikka - Logan

Charlotte - trials of Oscar Wilde

Blessing - Old Bailey trials (choose 2 or 3)

Oliver B - Greenwood


November 18, 2016

Talk on Corruption

You might find this talk interesting:

Ian Cawood (Newman University, Birmingham) 'Public Corruption and Public Service 1833-1859: The Case of Leonard Horner, Factory Inspector'. Wednesday 23 November, 5pm, H3.47.

Friday group reading on celebrity murderers

Writing about web page

Please could you read the following:

Dan - Yardley and Wilson

Ella - Warwick

Anna S - Warwick and Willis

Robin - Walkowitz

Anna B - Rosner

Keiran - Murphy

Helen - Monkton Smith

Victoria - McGowan

Lewis - McCracken-Flesher

Alice - Gray

Ellie - Crone

Rachel - Butcher

James - Bland

Thursday Group reading on sexual crime

Writing about web page

Please could you read the following:

James - Turner

Yetunde - Trumbach

Zoe - Walkowitz

Izzy - Simpson

Amie - Porter

Louisa - Kaplan

Abi - Howell

Aksana - Jackson

Aleemat - Gorham

Oliver R-J - D'Cruze

Mikka - Conley

Charlotte - Cocks

Blessing - Clark

Oliver B - Bibbings



November 07, 2016

Friday Group reading on sexual crime (sources)

Writing about web page

Please could you assess the following source and what it tells you about attitudes to sexuality and sexual crime/abuse:

Dan - Wilde trials

Ella - Bodleian ballads

Anna S - Greenwood

Robin - Rape trials in Old Bailey Online

Anna B - Power Cobbe

Keiran - Stead

Helen - Jackson

Victoria - Brief explanation of the objects of a bill...

Lewis - Acton

Alice - Logan

Ellie - Remedies for the Wrongs of Woman

Rachel - Butler

James - Contagious Diseases Act

November 04, 2016


Just a reminder that essays should be emailed to me by the end of week 8.

You can choose any topic for your essay and use seminar questions or old exam questions or choose your own. If you want any advice, email me.



Thursday Group – week 7

Writing about web page

For this week please read a crime novel/play/poem/short story or look at crime in the press or periodicals. There are some indicative suggestions on the seminar page:

However, feel free to choose your own piece.

Could you post the title of what you have chosen onto the blog.

For the seminar you need to create a one page poster (in Word, Powerpoint, Publisher or another package) to sum up your chosen text and what it tells us about aspects of crime and punishment.

For some examples of posters see here:


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