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February 26, 2017

Juvenile crime sources

Please could everyone research a case of juvenile crime from the Old Bailey or newspapers and consider if juveniles appeared to be treated more sympathetically because of their youth.

Also look at the following:

Mary Carpenter: Ella, Ellie and Keiran

Parliamentary Papers: Helen, James and Victoria

Greenwood: Robin, Lewis, Anna S and Rachel

Manchester Guardian: Dan, Alice and Anna B

White Collar crime sources

Please could you all research a case of white collar crime from the Old Bailey or the newspapers and consider whether you think the defendants were treated more leniently than other types of thefts?

Also look at the following pieces:

Anne Hurle: Blessing and Oliver B

Greenwood: Aleemat and Oliver R-J

Egan: Mikka, Yetunde and Izzy

Exchequer Bills Forgery: Louisa, James and Aksana

Liverpool Mercury: Amie and Zoe

Bram Stoker: Abi and Charlotte

February 16, 2017

Friday group reading on juvenile crime

Please could you read the following:

James - Cox & Shore

Anna B - Davies

Rachel - Duckworth

Lewis - Gillis

Dan - King

Ellie - Koven

Alice - Gooderson

Helen - Lerman

Ella - Pickard

Victoria - Margarey

Kieran - May

Anna S - Shore (Trouble with boys)

Robin - Shore (Cross coves)

Thursday group reading on White Collar Crime

Please could you look at the following:

Yetunde - Anderson

Oliver B - Colley

Charlotte - Ditton

James - Finn (choose a chapter)

Louisa - Handler

Aksana - Jones

Izzy - King

Blessing - Locker

Mikka - McGowen

Oliver R-J - Phillips

Aleemat - Robb

Amie - Sindall

Abi - Taylor

Zoe - Wilson

February 05, 2017

Friday group reading on insanity sources

Please could everyone look at an Old Bailey trial involving insanity or the insanity plea - considering in particular how the defendant was diagnosed as insane (or not).

Then at the following sources:

Dan and Ella - Hume

Anna S and Robin - Queen v McNaghten

Anna B and Kieran - Davey

Helen and Victoria - Fraser's magazine

Lewis and Alice - Forbes Winslow

Ellie, Rachel and James - Broadmoor rules and Bethlem records (note not all the latter are digitised. The ones that are have 'Image' next to them in the catalgoue. eg see:

February 03, 2017

Posters on crime fiction

If you still have them please could you upload the posters you all did on different novels/representations of crime. To attach a file, click on the file picker icon (next to the tree icon!) and it will paste in a file when you publish your entry.

This is to help everyone with revision!



Thursday group source reading

Writing about web page

Please could you look at the following sources

Blessing - Making of the Modern Police Vol 1 (select your own source)

Charlotte - Making of the Modern Police Vol 6 (select your own source)

Mikka - Making of the Modern Police Vol 2 (select your own source)

Oliver B - Digitised Police notebooks

Oliver R-J - Report on State organisation and discipline of metropolitan police

Aleemat - instructions for Surrey constabulary

Aksana - parliamentary papers 1852

Abi - Police & the Thieves

Louisa - Making of the Modern Police Vol 5 (select your own source)

Amie - Making of the Modern Police Vol 4 (select your own source)

Izzy - Making of the Modern Police Vol 3 (select your own source)

Zoe - Making of the Modern Police Vol 6 (select your own source)

Yetunde - Making of the Modern Police Vol 2 (select your own source)

James - Making of the Modern Police Vol 1 (select your own source)

Oliver B - Cohen

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