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May 16, 2005

music stuff (pinched from H)

Total Volume of music on my computer
30.1 Gig. no idea how long it is in playing time

The last CD I bought was
well, technically the last cd i paid for was
system of a down – mezmerize
but that was a pre order, so i guess it's the 3 i bought last week, which are:
steeleye span – the best of
j.s. bach – complete organ works
beethoven – complete symphonies

Song playing right now
led zeppelin – when the levee breaks

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me
1. the beatles – she's leaving home
the only song that makes me cry every time i hear it (i'm a soppy thing really)

2. zombie ritual – death
the best track from death's first album. awesome heaviness and totally groundbreaking

3. kashmir – led zeppelin
reminds me of all the classic rock vs shitty hip hop arguments that happened when puff daddy knicked the riff. comedy moments and an awesome riff.

4. dare – stan bush (from transformers the movie)
my "pre-stress" song. esp good before exams. it's so uplifting

5. frank zappa – bobby brown goes down
it's so wrong. just so very very wrong.

The Five People I'm passing The Baton On To:
what a silly question. anyone can do this.

May 15, 2005

late night

ok, hopping on the mspaint bandwagon. but it seems a much better thing to do at 2:45 than revising physics. even when the exam is on tuesday…

May 06, 2005

the B4100

another blog. joys. this one will be dedicated to rants and reviews, no boring life crap.

review 1: the B4100

this is my favourite road in the country. it runs parallel(ish) to the M40 from leamington to Banbury and it's supreme. i swear, this road is a biking dream. if i get really fed up i just go and drive on it. up and down. no, i don't really, but if petrol was free then i would.

there are a few really fast corners. the road surface is smooth and good. it only goes through a couple of towns and it's usually pretty much deserted. As an extra plus, when you do meet a slow person, there are pleanty of places to overtake.

So if you're planning a journey in the banbury/oxford direction i would seriously recommend taking the B4100 instead of the M40 between junctions 13 and 11. you can rejoin after that and i guarantee you'll be in a better mood for it.

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