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January 25, 2006


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attempting a trackback…. hope it works. (should trackback to Gav aswell, but as everyone in the university seems to read his blog, I don't think I need to)

yeah, good assessment of the situation. stupid bloody pedestrians. I figured I'd add my own rant, as I started commenting and it became an essay rather rapidly.

Slow walkers: as long as they're not in groups of a million, I don't really care. I often make dissatisfied noises from behind if I can't get past. Saying "excuse me" in that tone that says "I'm in a hurry and you're blocking my way. What do you think you're doing?", then barging past works well I find. But still, slow walkers shouldn't be out at beginning of lecture time. It's just annoying.

Corridor blockers: GAH! I have been guilty of running into people on the stairs by kaleidoscope (cafe library my arse) and blocking the path for a few seconds; but it doesn't take long to step aside and create person-flow space. Why do people not manage this? I blame first years. No respect.

Large groups of people blocking paths: The worst one for this is the path across the field outside maths. It's wide enough for 2 people and that's it. Plus, mud on either side. [1] So obviously it's fine to walk along here 2-abreast and not move out of the way when you see 2 people coming towards you who have moved to single file. Why, they must be going into single file to allow you to stay alongside each other. Obviously. No dumbass, it's because that's a stupid narrow path! grrrrrr

Actually, I have a good tactic for these people. When I'm on the bike (it's a bit too cold to be fun at the moment) I often go to lectures in bike gear. The jacket has armour in elbows and shoulders. mmmmm. So, see large group of people failing to get out of my way, eyes ahead, brace and BAM! Inconsiderate wanker gets a bruise. mwa ha ha. Evil? Maybe; but I love it.

The one that pisses me off the most. The people for whom I have no time. The group that causes me the most anger and gives me ulcers:
People Who Stop Walking For No Reason And Just Stand There. I know we've all had those moments when we realise we've left our hat on a seat in L4, or that knot theory is in Ramphal, not Humanities. In these cases, a quick exclamation and a turn around is allowed. It's when people just stop and stand there, seemingly for no reason, that my blood boils. Why do they do it? It's like the gears in their head that tell them to walk forward (albeit slowly usually. Guilty of one crime often means guilty of another) just stop working? Or are they receiving commands from a higher place? I don't know; but I wish they'd stop doing it!

[1] They should have built it a bit wider really. There isn't really any reason for it to be so narrow.

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