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February 15, 2006




Dear Miss Rawlinson,

I have just been speaking to Dr. Janette Dunn and our Admissions Tutor, Professor Bryan Gallagher, and they have asked me to enquire whether you would like us to issue you an offer (conditional on you obtaining a 2(i) or higher in your Finals) to work with Dr. Dunn on a PhD project on vibronic coupling in fullerenes. If you would like this offer to be issued, I will set the wheels in motion and it will appear on your online application page in around a week. You are still welcome to visit and discuss research with Dr. Dunn if you would like.

Conversely, if you would like to visit to see other research areas/projects first, before the issue of any offer, please let me know. However, Dr. Dunn is willing to offer you a place now if you would like.


am happy Cat _ No interview, just an offer. Squee is the word. It's not just from the strength of my appication though. I've met Dr Dunn before (at postgraduate open day) and discussed possible research with her. My current project supervisor also acts as an external marker for her, because he researches the same stuff, so a good reference from him must have really counted in my favour.

Now I just need Rich to be offered a place and we're all sorted! I'm really hyper!

This has been a really good day
1) I got to play with my bike and my new socket set. Man, that thing's the most useful christmas present ever! I've used almost every type of tool in it in 1 day! Bike battery is charging up in claycroft as I type and cat will be back on the bike tomorrow!

2) MPs have sense and have voted in favour of a blanket smoking ban. margin of 200 too. excellent. no longer will my freedom to choose not to inhale cigarette smoke be impinged upon by freedom hating smokers. (I don't hate smokers, i just think it's a bit rich that they argue against a ban by "freedom of choice" arguments)

3) Pink Spider and A Day Remains went through in battle of the bands. Don't know who was first and who was second (I wouldn't like to choose between them) but at least the best 2 bands went through.

4) See above

(these are in order of when I found out about/did them)

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