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April 06, 2006

learning grid woes

learning grid. ideal for leaning one would think. yes, it is pretty good here. I concentrate, I get work done and only minimal procrastination. I have a few gripes though

1) ringtones. I must admit to being guilty of this one once, but usually my phone's on silent because I know nobody really wants to hear swim by in flames (as awesome as the song it) played on crappy mobile speakers. irritating jingly ringtones are worse. grr.

2) people who speak louder when they're on the phone. mobiles are good. you don't need to shout. if you find you do have to shout, leave the grid. It's just polite. And as for reading out your credit card details, address and everything in a loud voice, well that's just plain dumb. I hope that girl gets her identity stolen!

3) the coffee's too expensive here. Though it is very very yummy.

4) i can't find the copy of the quantum text book that first got me to the grid. Either it's the most popular book in the world or someone's pinched it. I'm assuming the latter. Not a happy cat.

other than that, I like it here. I think you have to get here stupidly early to get a good spot, but tis nice when you do. I'm currently occuping 2 spaces to save a bit for gav who has gone to meet someone more interesting than me.

Now, fundamental group. prepare to meet thy doom.

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