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May 05, 2006

it really is genetic

craziness that is. This is my brother's costume for a fancy–dress bop (yes, they're called bops in Oxford. it's a weird place) with the theme of "around the world".

He picked a thing that literally goes around the world.



see the similarity? well, no, because he didn't look up what Sputnik actually looks like until after he'd made the thing, but the idea's there.

Bless him and his crazy cotton socks.


how is it that CSI manages to be awesome even well into it's 6th series, but CSI Miami is shit?

I don't just mean that Miami is a bit worse than Las Vegas, it's actually rubbish. The script goes from cliche to cliche, the plots are uninteresting and unoriginal. The characters are boring and subplots are weak. It's an appalling show.

Yet, simultaneously, CSI has interesting people, crazy plots and doesn't feel like it's bullshit from start to finish. Yeah, I know the way they've made DNA tests look like they take 20 minutes is a bit stupid and nobody can really enhance video like that, but still, it's a great show. It really bears no resemblence to its Florida cousin.


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