April 26, 2006

Crash Is Back To Save You From Exams

Ok, that might not be entirely true. Indie/rock/alternative can't do you exams for you but it can sure help you unwind!


So get your brains down to Crash on Friday (28th April) and have a good time! No bands this time around, but there'll be plenty of great songs from Heather and Holly.

And maybe Holly's massively inflated Tonsil Of DoomTM will make an appearance!

Any request? Pop them in the suggestion box.

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  1. I request that Holly gets rid of the tonsils as the cause her nothing but grief.

    25 Apr 2006, 14:39

  2. Grrr….

    Exam unwindyness would be grand. Anything to keep me from dreaming of commutative groups!

    Unfortunately for you hoards of female (& from experience male) admirers, I shall be unable to attend this Friday.

    I would much love photographic tonsil-based photography, should such explicit matter become available to the general public.

    And to those afeared that me-less Crash would hold no meaning, I would like to state empathicalyy that it is not I that makes a crash, tis the DJs. It'll be fucking ace.

    26 Apr 2006, 17:29

  3. Holly's massively inflated Tonsil Of DoomTM

    I hope that's not contagious; we've got a Workers and Society seminar tomorrow.

    26 Apr 2006, 18:16

  4. Straight from Holly's blog, can we have some maiden please?? :D
    Tool and Velvet Revolver both have albums due out this year too (and i can only assume the title of the tool album is an estimate of the time until their next release…) so if there's room for them it would be pretty cool :-)

    27 Apr 2006, 00:47

  5. Sabaton – Metal Machine

    It's one of the most ass–kicking tracks ever, it's unfortunate that nobody's heard of it.

    28 Apr 2006, 04:20

  6. Matthew

    Some ska and punk please. Mad Caddies – I'm So Alone, Distillers – I Am Revenant and Streetlight Manifesto – On & On & On would do nicely. Ta.

    28 Apr 2006, 11:47

  7. Matthew Jones

    Oh yes some Velvet Revolver would be sw–eet.

    Also, how's about some Queens of the Stone Age that isn't No One Knows. Like Regular John, or Monster In the Parasol, or Feel Good Hit, or Go With The Flow, or… you get the idea.

    28 Apr 2006, 12:13

  8. /sigh. nobody reads these things but here goes nothing… HOUSE OF PAIN DOES NOT BELONG AT CRASH, and YOU DONT CUT THE INTRO OFF WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. i realise it was only played as a token gesture in case anyone actually tries to get their money back for not being given what they paid for, but was it really worth the 20 seconds you saved? it also astounds me how you have clearly failed to listen past track 1 of probably the best album ever made. to cut a long story short, top b friday reached a new low. :–(

    29 Apr 2006, 03:17

  9. It's 3am and my drugs are wearing off (penicillin, so no one gets the wrong idea)... It was either lose that intro or lose the track as we have strict curfews and were going to overrun unless we lost as much time as possible. I have heard past track one of that album, it just happened that track one was the track most people were requesting. If anyone cares we cut nearly a minute and a half off the Stone Roses for similar reasons, time is tight.

    Whatever, I really shouldn't be still replying at this time (funnily enough I've had a long day) but let me know next time Top B plays Jimmy Eat World, Forward Russia, Korn and Arcade Fire and we'll try and find something else to play. I'm thinking probably Giant Drag, Quasi, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and The Locust – all underplayed at Top B but also underplayed in most places as few people have heard of them.

    Is est non possible placeo totus publicus totus of vicis, as they used to say…

    29 Apr 2006, 03:39

  10. well not to be an asshole.. but jimmy eat world, beastie boys, house of pain, radiohead, feeder, prodigy and all the (other) wannabe rock bands that i have to put up with seemingly every time i go out are not only played at top b but are played at every other event under the sun.

    "underplayed at Top B" excuse me while i reach for my tiny violin at this point… when did crash turn into a top b reject bin? it just grates a bit when what could be a potentially good event comes round and the only "2" good tracks played all night if you count really early on when nobody's there are both track 1 off the band's most popular album. They always seem to manage a couple of good songs at the colosseum and the universe doesnt implode. people dont stop going, and as far as i know usually everyone goes home happy. for example on thursday iirc marilyn manson, led zeppelin, megadeth, guns n' roses, and metallica (albeit enter sandman) were all played and there was no riot or mass exodus. i can almost feel the "what works at the colosseum wont work at the union" response, but kerrang always seems to do ok when it comes here even though it's crippled by having to accommodate that weirdo with the angle grinder. i realise crash isnt supposed to be the same as kerrang, but it's not supposed to be the same as top b either. i've waited a few crashes before going off on one, but they've all been the same… just some variety would be nice 's all.

    on a more positive note, you're the first crash dj who hasnt responded with "go to the colosseum then", which makes a refreshing change :–)

    29 Apr 2006, 19:29

  11. I don't just tell people to piss off because (and I might be insane) I think it's possible to accommodate people. I've got a better idea of what you were listening for and I agree there wasn't much rock at last night's Crash. That will probably not be the case next time especially as I noticed a lot of people seemed to be requesting it although late on in the evening when we didn't really have much time left.

    I'll certainly look into it. After all, this isn't about us playing what we want to hear, but what people want to hear, although that means balancing the likes of a very very wide group of people. It can be hard sometimes although I don't think DJs moaning is particularly helpful so I will stop.

    29 Apr 2006, 19:37

  12. To be honest, I only go to Crash because my mates do, but last night we walked out early for the first time ever because of how crap they thought it was. Suggestions they make are to play the kind of stuff Crash played in our first year (2002–03).

    29 Apr 2006, 20:24

  13. Steven Smith says:

    i realise crash isnt supposed to be the same as kerrang, but it's not supposed to be the same as top b either. i've waited a few crashes before going off on one, but they've all been the same, just some variety would be nice 's all.

    How can you say all the crashes have been the same? I've heard more variety this year than ever before at Crash! Just read through some of the setlists.

    When was the last time you heard Cake – The Distance, 36 Crazyfists or McLusky in an evening in a venue as big as the marketplace. I often help dj the colly main room on a Thursday and believe me, the music policy in there is FAR less original and very, very tired. At least these DJs are actually showing some diversity, bringing in the odd hip–hop classic or some old song like lynyrd skynyrd. Fair enough you might not like house of pain or pendulum, but a lot of people do. Noone complains to the colly when they play the odd hip–hop song, Pharoah Monche for example.

    Year on year i've seen the Crash djs put up with these sorts of complaints, and year on year the debates start to appear. "The DJs are rubbish, they don't play enough rock! Stop playing nme rubbish blah blah blah".. or "They play too much punk and not enough blah". In the end, its up to the DJs and how they feel the audience is responding, given numbers etc, as to what will get played to keep the majority happy.

    If you really have a problem with the music, why don't you apply to DJ the event next year? Just remember though, as Soulwax make it pretty clear, its not easy.

    01 May 2006, 22:58

  14. "underplayed at Top B" excuse me while i reach for my tiny violin at this point, when did crash turn into a top b reject bin?

    Did you perhaps miss some sarcasm in Holly's post?

    01 May 2006, 23:20

  15. I think Holly pretty much got what i was saying so this is basically just a response to James
    it is not intended to be bitchy

    No, no i didnt, unless the sarcasm becomes apparent on knowing who the bands are in which case quite possibly. my point, which you perhaps missed, was crash shouldnt include songs because they arent played at top b enough. All the crashes have been the same by virtue of the fact that they all sound the same. different tracks yes, different bands maybe, but they ALL SOUND THE SAME. playing many different "meh" tracks will not make me think "wow this event was really amazing… so much variety" even though they are all different tracks. i think you have misunderstood what i mean by variety. i hear lots of the same tracks every week at the colly, but they are all pop/indie songs so i dont care because they all sound the same anyway (you clearly do care and hence you see the colly as having little variety), whereas there are often tracks by bands that i barely ever hear out. they play more unusual tracks by those bands too. your idea of variety comes across as simply playing the most obscure tracks possible by some rather samey sounding bands.

    What if there's a table with say a 17, a 36, a 59 and a 98 sided shape on it, all red. all quite unusual and they are certainly different shapes, but they are all just many sided red shapes. now imagine i REALLY like blue shapes, and i find red shapes to be a bit dull, and for whatever reason red shapes albeit sqaures and triangles and the like are common as muck. Throwing a 200 sided red shape onto the table isnt going to make me scream "woah! i didnt see that one coming, look at that for variety, how original" is it? especially since i paid to see some blue shapes. there are people who will say "hmm nice, i havent seen one of those for a while" but not the people who expected to see a few blue shapes. now just before someone, as they always do, gets the wrong idea (i think they must do it deliberately since there's no reason to think this), i dont want a table full of blue shapes any more than i want a table full of red shapes because then all the reddies will bugger off and leave me alone with all the bluies and that's no fun for anyone, especially if most of my friends are reddies. (really, i'm not in the least bit drunk (i'm serial))

    02 May 2006, 02:41

  16. "showing some diversity, bringing in the odd hip–hop classic "
    well maybe they could show some diversity by leaving out the "odd hip–hop classic" which are in every other event anyway and have their own events all the time, and play the odd rock classic since the event is supposed to be indie and rock, not hip–hop.

    The aim is not to give the majority of people what they want for the entire event or you'd never have more than one genre played, the idea is for as many people as possible to enjoy the event as much as possible. priority on the many over the much. afterall it's no good having one guy who adores every single track if everyone else dislikes it all. not least because even he isnt going to like being the only guy on the floor.

    your last comment i assume is a throwaway. i want to go to an event and enjoy it. i dont want to dj an event. i dont really see how the two are linked. I am aware it's not easy also, and you will nearly always get complaints. if lots of people are used to getting what they want every track and all of a sudden have to "suffer" one track every half hour that they dont really like then there's a significant chance someone's going to complain. If the idea was to please as many people as possible for every track in every event then it would be non–stop popular music every event by definition.

    the reason I at least dont mind the odd dance/whatever song at the colly is basically someone probably likes it, so you can just sit it out/try to figure out wtf is going on in the movie, safe in the knowledge that there will be a few tracks you like come along soonish. At crash however that usually isnt the case. It's more a case of well… there goes another 6 minutes for a track which doesnt really belong, and the chances are there wont be any tracks i like come along any time soon… or ever.

    "Year on year i've seen the Crash djs put up with these sorts of complaints" and year on year the djs have said piss off without ever listening. As i recall they did a very poor job of putting up with complaints, tending either to just shout them down or have them moderated. that is why the arguments come back year on year… well that, and each year gets new djs. it isnt like the same people are being told the same thing every year.

    one last comment. Audience response can be a little misleading, since certain types of music, not mentioning any names, invlove flinging your arms and legs around like a moron and while many people may enjoy this, many are likely just going along with it waiting for the next track. (you get smacked about less if you arent just standing still while everyone else is doing it) From the stage it probably looks like everyone is having a really great time but it's a little misleading, and it does not mean that you should play 9 of unnamed genre in a row as the djs did last year.

    02 May 2006, 02:42

  17. cheers for a WICKED night, and

    Rhian: loving the NO KILLERS – forever in debted….

    hol&heather – dudes

    02 May 2006, 12:44

  18. Ollie

    Hi :),

    Personally Mr Steven Smith i think you should get out more. If you don't like it don't go :). Just because your mum let you on the pc for a hour you think you can spam the forum. Plus tell your mum i can't make her 4 O'clock appointment. CRASH ROCKS!!!!

    Kind Regards


    02 May 2006, 16:31

  19. so i should not go and get out more?

    02 May 2006, 16:41

  20. Can the Crash blog answer a question for me? Are Men in Caves actually coming to the Week 8 Crash? I have one fiend who claims to know a member of the band and says they are coming, and another friend who claims to know the same member of the band and says that they've pulled out. Which is true?

    03 May 2006, 16:49

  21. They are currently still scheduled to play according to the Union page. I'll have an ask around and get back to you. Sorry I don't know off the top of my head.

    03 May 2006, 17:50

  22. Mike Eccleshall

    @ David

    unfortunately, men in caves are not able to make the crash date in week 8. they have been replaced with the excellent coventry band, Trailer.

    Mike eccleshall
    UWSU Entertainments Dept

    04 May 2006, 16:41

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