January 06, 2005


8 days till deadline!!


November 23, 2004

Essay writing

also does anyone know how to get a bar over letters just in normal text in Word? Obviously K0bar gets used a lot in my section and I don't want to insert an equation editor item every time I use it…..

J/Psi particle

Just a point of interest – the J/psi particle is so-named because it was discovered by two groups at the Brookhaven AGS and the Stanford Linear Acelarator at nearly the same time – Samuel ting at Brookhaven named it the J particle while the Stanford physicists called it the Psi particle. Ting won the nobel prize in 1976 for the discovery.


November 15, 2004

Final presentation room booking

I've booked presentation room A on friday week 9 from 2–4pm, there's a 2 hour maximum booking time so if we or the other group need any extra time then someone else needs to book the room in their own name from 4pm.

see you soon!

November 01, 2004

Good Ideas and Bargain Books

Follow-up to bloggy blog–blog from 3rd Year Group Project : CP Violation

Good idea, Laurence. I got my book I bought from ebay today and it is proving to be most useful. It has a lot of experimental technique as well if you guys want to borrow it.

See you all in 45 minutes!

October 29, 2004

bloggy blog–blog

Whew technology mm internet bloggy-type-thing…

The Learning grid is having an intro session from 11–2 on thursday so I suggest we pop in to get a better idea of what equipment is available etc after our meeting next thursday? We all should have got an email from them telling us about the session.

Have a good weekend!

October 27, 2004


Follow-up to Phases from 3rd Year Group Project : CP Violation

ok, never mind, the main part of that is fairly obvious when you think about it


Has any of you come accross a decent explanation of what strong and weak 'phases' exactly are, or where they come from.

The 'CP violation' book laurence has says, with regard to phases, something along these lines: "strong/weak phases do not describe phases originating from the strong/weak interactions."

and is anyone else actually reading this?

October 26, 2004

BaBar physics book

Writing about web page http://www.slac.stanford.edu/cgi-wrap/getdoc/babar504-001.pdf

Just posting link to the babar physics book and testing this blog thing, this is just the first chapter. Anything after this is a bit complicated and the section on the CKM matrix is rather nasty. It gives a good account of the maths of mixing and the different types of violation in the B and K experiments, though I don't think much of the editing!!!

Welcome to the CP Violation Group Project Page

Oli, Max, Laurence & Paul,

I have added you all as contributors though I have not restricted the access to this page, at least for the most part. Please feel free to add whatever you wish.

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