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May 28, 2011

Say what you want to say

I think one of the most important aspect to foster KM initiatives within organization is to provide enough space for people to express their opinion and listen to them carefully. Leader who straight away reject or decline an idea that seems ridiculous to organization’s objective might end up with demotivation to foster creativity. Thus, as result, it will limit sharing knowledge practice among people.

Perhaps, the key issue here embedded with leader and the culture of organization. However, I see leader play more important role here. If leader can create a culture on what deming believe as “drive out fears”, perhaps it might foster people within organization to speak what they are thinking about something. Share idea and provide constructive feedback upon organization’s objective. Again, I like to use my working experience as real-life phenomenon to every module that I took. I learnt that when particular employee comes up with bizarre idea about something, she/he feels demotivate and disappointed which affect her/his productivity level. Thus, it will impact their loyalty in the long run that again, organization will get disadvantages since that particular employee might reserve valuable knowledge in form of tacit. Under this circumstance, I think organization should be more open to every idea comes up. At least, listen to them first and provide constructive feedback why particular idea is not fit in regards organization’s objective.  

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