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October 25, 2010

Manage yourself not the time

There are two important events in last Friday, one is the Creating of Business Excellence (CBE) module is finished and the second thing is tutorial about time management. As you might know, after the module ends, we need to prepare the Post Module Assignment (PMA) in the next 6 weeks. In my personal opinion, 6 weeks is long time since we “only” need to spend 40 hours to do the PMA. Thus, I can do a lot fun stuff in between. It’s very tempting ain’t?

However, time management tutorial give me some insight that I can’t get complacent and start to forget about the PMA! It should be started as soon as possible. When I tried to create my own schedule on Sunday for next week, I found that my schedules are almost full until Friday with PMA, Project, Study Skill Assignment, and a little fun stuff. Actually, I got 2 weeks off from lecture, but it’s not fully off since a lot things need to be done by end of this month. So time management tutorial was very helpful for me to prepare my timeline in order to manage myself and try to commit with it.

Nobody can’t manage time; all you need to do is manage yourself to use very limited time in productive way. Therefore, by creating timeline base on Covey’s idea and give full commitment to do every single tasks you made, I believe you won’t have any problem with time management.

The MSc is one year full-time programme, so I think I need to sacrifice, work hard and commit to every schedule I made at least until 25th of August 2011 when the final proposal must be submitted in order to get master degree.

So, good luck everyone with the PMA and Project selection!

October 20, 2010

What excellence to choose

In today’s competitive business world, every organization needs to maintain their relationship with its customers by ensuring to deliver high quality of products and/or services through innovation and implement excellence model.

There are various types of excellence model (ie: MBNQA, EFQM, DEMING and ISO) that organization can choose to improve their end-to-end performance. Now, it depends on organization’s strategies and vision to determine suitable excellence model in its organization.

If particular organization, for example, wants to have a “quick win” of excellence model, perhaps, they might go with ISO. In my personal opinion, implementing ISO can provide “comfort level” for your customers and prove that your current processes already meet with international standard. It also relatively “quick” process and no people development here since organization doesn’t necessary to train its people. However, organizations might hire a 3rd party consultant to help them “prepare” before final audit and eventually get the accreditation or certification.

On the other hand, if organizations want to have continuous and sustainable improvement in every single their business process, perhaps, they should choose EFQM Excellence Model since it covers every aspect in organization especially people development. To implement this model, organization needs to have strong commitment from every level their people since it will take long time to achieve the Excellency.

In my humble opinion, choosing appropriate excellence model doesn’t have any strong correlation with what sector of the organization is. Strategy, goals and vision (long-term or short-term) will determine what model is best for particular organization to choose.

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