April 12, 2011

Start with EFQM and end with EFQM

This week is about KBAM, like everybody said it’s a hugeeee topic and our job is to convince board director to accept our proposal. It’s quite challenging since this role play represent a real life phenomenon event that we will face in next 7 months later from now.

I’ve tried to make correlation about my topic in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) with EFQM excellence model. Then I realize when I re-read again all the criterion and found that our MBE module was designed based on this framework! CMIIW…. And other module like FACS act as supportive element that needed in order to manage our financial asset (tangible & intangible) so they can give substantial benefit for organization overall performance.

Nevertheless, each aspect in asset management is related each other and there is inter-dependency between them. It’s like complex human organ that if one organ (function) malfunctions, it will have direct and indirect impact to other which eventually impact overall performance of the person itself.

In the context of HSE, more and more people now aware about this factor and will become more important in future. Thus, commitment from leader to put strong consideration in this area is very crucial in order to sustain in the long-term horizon. If I may use, my previous company jargon in the HSE, it says, “One Accident is one to many!” so it means, organization should aim to achieve zero accident in every single their working place. Even, in my previous organization they do some “investment” in training to “protect” their most valuable asset in company (i.e. people) from potential danger in every possible scenario by conducting comprehensive training like, first aid, using fire extinguisher and driving skills. By having this practice in place, it shows that organization show strong commitment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for people within organization as mention in one criterion in EFQM. 

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  1. i agree with you…to this stage i have awareness that all our core modules are designed base on EFQM
    as in this module again, leadership is metioned a lot ..every cirteria has strong relationship and interact each other.
    it is good finding that companys have awarenss of danger protection with training process.

    12 Apr 2011, 22:57

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