May 24, 2011

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It’s undeniable that in order to strive excellence, organization should able to capture, store and share valuable knowledge, both explicit and tacit. Reading to many journals, many authors agreed that tacit knowledge is fundamental aspect to build competitive advantage since it’s unique and hard to imitate. However, how organization extracts this intangible asset then transform it to explicit knowledge that easy to transfer? In my personal opinion, it will depend on leader behavior and ability to foster creation of supportive environment that encourage employee to sharing their expertise, experience and knowledge to other workers. If I may recall my experience, it something substantial for leader to ensure this environment exists so when something bad happened to that particular employee, let say she/he resigned, retired or died, organization might not jeopardize its operational activities. I remember when my colleagues told me that his line manager has all skills and capabilities kept for himself which result turbulence when he decide to move other function. So, it quite obvious to me that leader should create culture of cooperative, collaboration and sharing in order to avoid this situation.

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  1. Good point here Ponthy….....In my eyes competition doesn’t help knowledge to prosper and utilized. . . . Thoughts like if i share this with other people will be able to utilize it and i may lose the promotion can be a problem within a company…...... So at the end of the day it is about leaderhsip and creating a culture among a lot of other requirements…........

    24 May 2011, 23:27

  2. hi my friend vagelis, thanks for your comments. Indeed, competition will not be fit to help fostering sharing culture. nevertheless, what if the culture of that particular organization already build base on competition? from top management to shop floor! it’s terrible isn’t? but that the reality what I have been seen in my country organizations.

    25 May 2011, 01:20

  3. While it is terrible it is an oportunity for improvement as well….......... So go for it…..... :)

    25 May 2011, 19:36

  4. competition help the companies to learn from each other and improve their process and products.. thats what i think..and sharing information is the key to success :)

    28 May 2011, 00:28

  5. I think that competition annihilates learning…......... Companies hide knowledge because is the one that will lose their competitive advantage…....... Absolutely normal in competition…..... This why some networks of companies fail. . . Because companies that belong in that networks afraid of sharing knowledge or share only what they want to…........

    Cooperation on the other hand may not give a hint to a company but the overall system’s performance will be better. This is because knwoledge will be common for everyone and absolutely free…............... But this is utopia…......

    28 May 2011, 11:44

  6. I think it can be split into internal and external competition. Internal competition is unforgiveable, and leads to sub-optimisation, with everyone trying to maximise the output of their own department. Sadly, it’s quite common when everyone is trying to get a promotion, or stand-out from the crowd.

    External competition is the way our economy tends to function. This isn’t a terrible thing – it can motivate us, and lead to innovation. But collaboration between companies can lead to amazing results. When they stop fighting each other, and work together on common goals, they can achieve them at lower cost, and more quickly by utilising shared resources. As Vagelis says, the overall system’s performance can be better. In this case, the system we are talking about is society as a whole, and we can all benefit from collaboration between companies.

    Going back to the point of the blog, I think not only the leader, but also all the followers are responsible for creating the knowledge sharing environment. The leader can show the others the benefits and manage their fears, but ultimately they must realise the value themselves and follow through.

    28 May 2011, 14:56

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