April 12, 2011

Mix Match of Decision Making

Time to reflect about what I have done in last KBAM in module session. In day one, we’ve been asked to act as government of one country that deals with climate change issue, which our main task is to foster that citizen awareness to provide substantial contribution in order make a better world in future, whilst at the same time government should, at least maintain or increase, their credibility for the next election.

The lesson learned that I capture from this exercise is, our team approached based on democratic style which view everybody opinion as integral part before making decision. Yet, there is no leader in our team and we never thought that this element is one of the critical elements in decision-making. At first, we felt that it’s not necessary to have leader with our team, but then we realize in the end of the exercise that by having leader we can create vision act as engine to align individual goals toward achievement the shared goals, which are increase level of awareness of climate change impact and credibility of government.

In the context of the exercise and correlation with module, I feel it’s not directly connected since it’s more emphasized on how we make robust decision-making. Yet, I realize that the connection between exercise and the module lays on ability of policy maker to manage their asset (budget) and knowledge in order to maximize the contribution for each decision taken. Thus, it’s related to another my lesson learned that I’m not utilizing those two critical elements during exercise. As consequence, our output from our decision is slightly disappointed for me in the context of credibility, although we succeed to reach certain level of awareness.

This exercise reminds me that, in every decision that related to many people interest should consider every aspect to manage asset and knowledge in the effective and efficient manner in order to result robust decision. 

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  1. this is may related with decision making, but not robust decision making… you use your intuitive system. However, I think it is good that you can review the knowledge from the privious module, is it?

    13 Apr 2011, 18:25

  2. Ponthy, did your learning from RDM actually help make those decisions in that short time?? it certainly dint for me

    17 Apr 2011, 23:41

  3. Hii Ting & Thomas,
    thanks for your comment.
    @ting: it’s always nice to have modules that inter-related each other so we can make strong connection to enhance our knowledge and use them in our future career.
    @thomas: at that moment, i will say it wasn’t help much since we relied on decision that contain heavily anchor bias. i agree that when you make decision in short time, a lot and lot bias will appear and affect your decision. it’s quite challenging for a leader to decide something critical in limited time but she/he wants to have robust output. if i might quote from Toyota: “Practice makes perfect” so by having this kind of experience in real life simulation, it will enhance our capability in decision making.

    24 Apr 2011, 18:20

  4. i agree with you that every decision you make should contribute to maximise the result in managing no matter knowledge or assets.
    however, it will occur problem within a team that usually we need an agreed approach in making decision because in everyone’s mind the robust decision is different.

    25 Apr 2011, 21:51

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