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May 30, 2011

Importance of Information Technology in KM

Now we are living in the information technology era where information should be easy to transmit, store and share between people. Thus, it triggers many organizations to develop their IT system and infrastructure to help their people communicate in effective manner. The word effective here means that by having appropriate IT support, people will exchange information easily, which eventually improve their expertise by sharing their knowledge. One simple example of IT system initiative to support KM practice is Intranet. Intranet is local portal that allow people within organization to see other department activities and provide necessary feedback to improve current process. Thus, by having this initiative, organization can de-codify tacit knowledge that embedded in particular people into explicit. However, this practice should be encourage by leader to foster creation of supportive culture where people can speak up their mind without fear get public criticism. it also good if organization develop total reward system that emphasize on intrinsic knowledge which help people to gain recognition and acknowledgment for contributing in the intranet. Again and again, calling to my working experience, this practice is superb! Very powerful indeed to share valuable knowledge! In the context of sharing knowledge, people empowered to share their knowledge so everybody in the company can learn and gain experience of particular subject. It feels so good if an organization can develop their supportive culture where people have passion to share without felling competitive among each other and supported by appropriate IT system and infrastructure. Yet, it's quite difficult to avoid competition between people in organization since we get use to do this since it believed might improve our performance. 

KM & Reward

Still struggling with KBAM PMA, I found some interesting fact that people willingness to in regards sharing knowledge has strong correlation with reward system. It believed that people have tendency to share if some reward involve in the process. Thus, it makes me again remember what really happened in my previous company about sharing culture. Indeed, people in my company will have more tendencies to share their knowledge if organization supports it by providing certain rewards. For instance, in group work that involving senior and junior workers. In that case, my organization put some point on those senior workers’ KPI and award several percentage if they success to develop junior workers. However, this case not always to happen since many of my senior colleagues have sincere willingness to share their knowledge without hoping any extrinsic reward. Yet, saying thank you sometimes more impactful for senior worker to maintain this practice and ensure that culture of sharing knowledge is substantial to help organization achieve its objectives. Again, I think it’s part of leader role to foster this supportive environment by developing appropriate total reward system that not only emphasize on extrinsic approach, yet also try to focus on intrinsic in order to develop culture of sharing between people within organization.

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