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March 19, 2011

Reflect.. Reflect.. Reflect..

The RDM module is done, now it’s time to reflect what I learned about it. During the module week, our team struggles to solve the problem that has very limited data and various methods available that not sure which one is the suitable to solve the problem. Thus, our team decides to go with decision tree. This method I admit is the best one to solve the problem since consider every option and calculate future value that company might generate. I like this method since it provides comprehensive outcomes based on limited data and perhaps less bias occur if when we were using this tool. On the other hand, when our team using other method such as; paired comparison, grid, and pareto, there are lot of space for bias since it based on our judgment to rank each of parameters. It happened, perhaps, because team members have their own preference and judgment. Thus, at the same time group thinking might occur when one person has strong characteristic and opinion regarding particular thing. This situation is very inconvenience and might drive team decision into misleading. Nevertheless, our group was able to manage this issue by allowing each individual to speak up their mind and sometimes it takes an hour or more to agree on one parameter. Although it sounds, time consuming but I like it since it fosters critical thinking environment, which I believe has substantial impact for the outcomes.

Additionally, I like to talk about assumption. Our module tutor provides freedom to assume any circumstance that you like to use. Yet, what I pleased about my team is they don’t take for granted about this thing since we were trying to think every possibility that might happen in future. Perhaps, it’s good way to solve the problem since in real life assumption might drive misleading and for sure your organization will not any tolerate any decision that only base on assumption. Thus, I believe that’s why in every decision-making we should consider about sensitivity analysis that considers best-case scenario and worst scenario. By having in mind this approach, we will produce robust decision since our recommendation to top management already considered the every single possibility. That’s why I’m so pleased with our decision tree (47 arms!) great job for my team!!

This module is great, I can’t hardly wait to apply this method in real working environment which more and more complexity will affect our decision strategy and of course expectation to produce robust decision that satisfy not only our boss but also our self.

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