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March 18, 2011

After all of stuff, DECIDE!!!

I remember 2 years ago when I was searching for decent SLR Camera as my new hobby and for your information, there are two big players in this industry, which are NIKON and CANON. Thus, during the decision making time I tried to search as many as I could so I won’t regret at the end.

As you might aware, the cost to purchase this gadget is quite high (almost 1,500 pound) so comprehensive consideration needs to be done. I started to look information from magazine, website, forum and online shopping. Yet, I still can’t decide which brand I should choose! Perhaps to give you illustration about SLR Camera world, I quote a friend of mine that said choosing this gadget like choosing religion! There is no right or wrong answer, there is no better and worst option. Both of products are equally good! So after conducted proper research I reach at the edge of my decision time, but I still confused! Thus, some enlightenment arrive, there is one forum that I will always remember and help me solve this problem, it says, “…after you consider thoroughly these two products, DECIDE!! “

This experience perhaps very related to this module during mini project since we can use all available methodologies to help us solve the problem but the most important thing is timing to decide under certain circumstance and satisfy us as decision maker. As Jeff said during the presentation, these decision making tools are not only focus to solve the problem but emphasize to satisfy decision makers so they happy with decision they made.

Btw, in regards to my decision of choosing this camera I go with NIKON and feel very satisfied with my decision! I think that the most important matter…

My Lesson Learned from Mini Project

It was a great week to have group discussion to solve RDM mini project and some lesson learned I would like to share during this period time.

First is about group thinking, it’s inevitable in every decision that involves more than two people in same situation. Thus, this issue might consider as important factor to influence other group members to decide something. As result, if one person has brilliant or critical idea regarding the project, perhaps he/she will changes his/her minds due to group thinking which might affect the output of the process. Nevertheless, since it working in-group give advantages such as brainstorming to foster idea, the potential issue of group thinking should be minimized by allowing every group member to speak up about their own idea and provide constructive counter if the ide from that particular person is not in line with the whole group idea. Second thing I point out from this module is decision to use particular methodology to solve problem might has potential bias since the person who has authority to decide will try to drive result of each method to meet his/her preference. However, the ability to choose proper and correct decision tools will help to minimize the variation. Third, I was learning that during the decision making process, we should approach using “thinking out of the box” approach and challenge the status quo in order to capture every single possibility of parameters that might affect final output.

Moreover, by having these lessons learned in mind, I believe could enhance the ability to improve the quality of decision-making in my future life by deciding which approach should use (i.e. System 1 or system 2). Nevertheless, there are a lot areas of improvement that I fell need to enhance to have robust decision.

Decision for Decision

Doing the mini project in RDM exercise is provide so many interesting experiences and I feel this application of system 2 thinking is very useful for me to create flawless decision in my future life. I think, if I’ve done this module or at least have proper knowledge regarding decision making technique before I will have different life compare to now. I think, there are so many decision I’ve made in the past rely only on my instinct and my preference without considering any probability that affect if I chose particular decision or if I were using system 2, it’s very limited and not comprehensive enough! Perhaps, if could recalled my memory a year ago when I have to decide which University in the UK in regards to continue my master degree, I was using system 2 but not in very details manner. I was trying to decide by comparing more than 4 universities using ranking that at the time I realize there are so many difference approaches and parameters use to evaluate those universities. Thus, I believe this was the bias comes from. Nevertheless, by having more than 3-4 website I believe I could minimize this variation.

On top of that, I quite happy following my decision to choose this University since I can learn something different from others, here I learn who to learn. It’s something that I’m looking for, something that can enhance my knowledge and change the way I’m thinking. Hopefully I can use this experience at the time I back to my homeland. 

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