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February 18, 2017

BMG 15:45–21:00

Quite a few in here today doing independent and group study but no inquiries. People in right til the end. Tidied the grid and re shelved the books.

Night :)

June 10, 2016


Batteries delivered, so changed all the remotes over
More boxes for flashed cards delivered so labelled them up and put the flashcards in them
One student asked for help locating books
Ana is currently helping a student with databases – I absolutely did not know the answer :P
The computer screen in the cupboard for the slideshow has somehow flipped its screen and I don’t know how to change it back…
Student’s upstairs using OSCE equipment – Keys are on the desk to lock it back up when they are finished. Name and Student ID of the student using the equipment is on the desk.


June 09, 2016


Very quiet today (again!), I helped one frantic student print her leaflets for her research presentation, and located two books for a student, already boiling upstairs so I’ve relocated the fan as people are working up there.

Over to Ana


December 10, 2015

BMG 8–12.30

Men from estates were here in the morning scraping paint and attempting to seal the windows and doors, however a staff member giving a lecture complained and they were asked to leave. It then started to rain so they couldn’t come back and do anything. One request. for printing and then another for books.

Over to Emma


December 09, 2015

BMG 13.15–.18.45

Quiet in terms of numbers, but the people who were here seemed to be working solidly for the whole shift, I imagine it will be quiet tonight – the Talent Show is on! Showed two students how to scan documents, one to save it in MyFiles and the other to mail. Aiesha was here for OSCE’s pretended to be a patient. Men were here scraping paint from the window ledges – I’m really hoping that this means that they are resealing and painting the windows so we don’t have to keep mopping up leaks!

over to sonia

Becci xx

December 04, 2015

BMG 13.15 – 18.45


November 05, 2015

BMG 08/11/15

Very very busy, lots of printer queries, lots of photocopying help and I had to re-organise the furniture so we could accommodate everyone… I lent out a calculator and a highlighter and lots of pencils! Questions about PAT on the 19th. Cleaned the whiteboards. We had a delivery of white board erasers, distributed between all the boards.

Over to Emma.


November 04, 2015


lots of people using the space until around 6pm, lots of re-shelving to do around this time as people were leaving. Lost memory stick, i’ve emailed the owner and it is in the top draw if they come to collect it. Rather a few hot food eaters today! I made a sign but couldn’t find blu tack to stick it up.

Rach – would you please me able to send me the pictures we took on the training day or pop them in the H Drive (if they are there already I cant find them) desperately want to change my picture on the slides haha!


October 29, 2015

BMG 29/10/15 8–12.30

Lots of users today, i think there must have been a deadline – so much printing before 12. Located a lost book for a student and reported another book missing that I couldn’t find anywhere… the beepers do not work – can we get these fixed?
Can we have more staples? the ones we have are either too small or too big – even the ones in the stationary cupboard. I’ve done lots of clearing up. Showed two girls how to print in color.

Over to Emma


October 12, 2015

BMG 8–1.30

It was a busy morning with a wide range of queries including library book return, requesting a hold, looking up books, printing and scanning.

I changed the ‘Welcome to Warwick’ banner size that Emma created and Ana helped me put it up.


June 24, 2015

BMG 1.15–6.45

Final shift completed! Not very busy but a few enquiries about printing, printer credits and document supply.

I’m going to miss the bio-med grid, best of luck to everyone in the future!
Harriet A

March 25, 2015

BMG 12:00–18:00

Hi everyone

A quiet shift, only a few people in the Grid today. A couple of questions about printing. No issues.


March 24, 2015

BMG 12:00–18:00

Hi everyone

A pretty quiet day. No more than 7 people at a time. A few questions about printing. No serious issues.


March 17, 2015

BMG 12–6

Had a few people in all day today, a lot of noise coming from the builders… they have propped the door open at the back of the grid and I can hear all of their conversations – must be pretty disturbing for those using the grid at that side!

Helped two staff members, one asked about article reach and the other with printing issues!

Harriet A

March 08, 2015

BMG 11:00–16:00

Hi everyone

A very quiet shift. There was one person here between 12 and 1:30pm. Otherwise, the Grid’s been empty. No issues…


December 08, 2014

BMG 12–6

Hi everyone

A very quiet shift, no more than 3 visitors at one time here today. No one had any questions.

The computers started working fine again.


November 26, 2014

BMG 1.15–6.45

Had a prezi workshop today which went well then not too much happened on shift, I helped some people with printing and showed people the scan to folder function. A lot of group work going on!

Harriet A

July 02, 2014

UH 12–18.00

Relatively quiet. Guy from the last couple of days finished his work in the studio, someone needed to use Room B, and there were a few finalists who needed to come in to see Careers and Skills.

Cleaned some whiteboards and toured the Grid :)


June 10, 2014

BMG 8 – 6.45

Long, but interesting day in the BMG.

Spent the first half of it trying to recruit people for the focus group. Unfortunately the day wasn’t quite right for something like this… there were very few students around till noon and they were busy giving final touches on their dissertations which they were supposed to submit and rehersing for some kind of exams.. but managed to get some responses anyway:) and the were some good suggestions as well!

Was really hot in here during the day, at one point I found two shirtless guys upstairs (it felt like a sauna up there).

Lent out the medical equipment a few times. Had a request for a medical hammer, but couldn’t find one. Also, the cupboard keys are in the drawer next to the desk!

That’s about it! Over to Ben,

March 17, 2014

LG 12–6

Not too many questions and and the surface not too busy. However, we had four groups editing in the studio at one point which was nice to see and there was plenty of other bits and pieces to do! Didn’t have chance to do the books tonight but it’s me on tommorrow so I can punish myself with a double load of shelving!