November 30, 2004

Mountain Dew

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I'm not sure if anyone remembers this funny coloured drink which graced the shelves of Tesco a few years back but I used to love it. It may look the colour of a chemistry experiment and i've admittedly never been near a mountain but that never bothered me. So you can imagine how upset I was when they banned it because it had too many E numbers in it. Or something.

Anyway much to my surprise they had it in the English Shop in Cologne. I hadn't seen it anywhere else in Germany so I had to get some. Having bought it I said to the woman working there (just as a side point everyone in this English Shop is either American or Canadian) how great it was I could get it because it was illegal in England. She then cheerfully informed that it was also illegal in Germany and casually recommended I brought the can back there for the stupid 'pfand'.

So a bit hush hush I thought. Wink wink, bob's your uncle, three knocks on the back door. So to speak. Anyway why is it advertised on their website then?


Welcome to Cologne University

Writing about web page

What a city. What a university?!

For anyone coming to Cologne next year – good choice. For anyone coming to Cologne expecting to go to an academic hub par excellence throughout the land – ah.

Not sure if this has been reported much back in England but Cologne reached a mighty 38th position in the new university league tables. Well you might say 38, thats not so bad, there must be lots of universities in Germany right? Well to be honest I don't know. But i'm fairly sure there were only about 45 universities on the table.

Anyway don't let this dishearten you, it's not like this year counts! So look forward to coming to Cologne as it is certainly a great city. Maybe not with the enchanting beauty and simple elegance of Coventry (well actually they're about on a par but there's just a lot more of Cologne) but there is lots to do. If you want any advice or amusing tales then feel free to ask someone else. If you want a few crudely taken pictures and advice on what beer to drink and how to pay for less beer than you actually drink then i'm always here for you.

Have fun and remember everything goes quicker than you think. With possibly the exception of the trains.

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