April 30, 2006

Just curious?

WU Front Page, Research

Why does the Demon Headmaster standing in front of a "Beauty and the Beast" poster signify Warwick University research?!

Are there not any pictures of ACTUAL research/experiments/books that could be representing us, rather than what looks like a random caught in the headlights?!

Just wondering…..


….thats better….

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  1. Warwick University tends to concentrate on more minor research topics (such as football managers and genealogy). Nothing too serious, which may indicate that despite all the blurb we're really not that good a university.

    30 Apr 2006, 17:09

  2. Well according to


    …there seems to be quite alot. Frankly I know little about what actually goes on in the University, but a quick peek through those seem that some interesting topics are being looked into. Just wondering why there are pictures of men/women in white suits, or people recording statistics or actually researching on the front page instead of that image!

    30 Apr 2006, 17:23

  3. That's not the Demon Headmaster! That's Jonathan Bate, Warwick's resident Shakespeare expert extraordinaire, looking smug after winning another award for a book or presenting something highbrow on Radio 3.

    01 May 2006, 15:23

  4. Ahhh I see….....thus my knowledge of Shakespeare experts clearly isn't up to par today! :P

    Why at least isn't he with a book or something?! :D

    01 May 2006, 15:24

  5. This is the Demon Headmaster:

    And TBH I don't think they look that similar. Although showing how good my memory is, I thought Anthony Head used to play the headmaster. :p

    01 May 2006, 20:01

  6. I do know that the actual demon headmaster is Terrence Hardiman!
    I was just making an observation! :D

    01 May 2006, 22:26

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