May 12, 2006

Selling your Soul…....

Writing about web page

Okay I can just about cope with the number of dodgy scams on the internet, the amount of spammage in my inbox trying to sell me a degree, but selling me a SOUL?!?!?!?!?!?


This website was advertised on Google as one of thier rated links!


Place your soul online along with any distintive characteristics and then make $25 when someone comes along and buys it off you. Male/Female souls up for purchase!


As the top of the page says, "All souls half Price"

Freaky? Morally crazy? Discuss.

May 08, 2006

This Morning with Chris and Ed

Writing about web page

This Morning with Chris and Ed LOGO

This Morning with Chris and Ed
10-11am Tuesday Mornings

Join us in the penultimate show of the series as we celebrate with more of your favourite rock/indie and pop tracks to wake up to.

With features such as "The Unofficial Countdown to Eurovision" and "Jobs we Admire Gold", what else would you want to wake up to?

Miss it, Miss out.

May 01, 2006

MI–III promotion results in bomb squad detonating newspaper stand

Writing about web page

For the promotion of MI–III apparently Los Angeles Times paper stands were fitted with devices that when the lid was lifted, the famous theme tune plays…...

….apparently someone thought the wiring looked a bit suspect and called in the bomb squad who safely "detonated" the news stand!

*not actually the controlled explosion.

….only later did they find out it was actually a promotion….!

mahhaha. fools.



Sparefinders. They think they are so sodding smart.

Honestly if I could…...

"Hit pin 1 at 30 degrees to the differential of alpha pie sq"
_"which will then hit pin 3"_
"which will self destruct into pin 5"
_"that will bounce and knock down the whole lot"_

….I would have damn well got a strike in the first place!!!

Why would you want to miss out?

Writing about web page

This Morning with Chris and Ed LOGO

With the unofficial countdown to Eurovision and "Jobs we Admire Gold" along with the very best indie/pop, what else would you want to wake up to?

10-11am Tuesday Mornings

April 30, 2006

Just curious?

WU Front Page, Research

Why does the Demon Headmaster standing in front of a "Beauty and the Beast" poster signify Warwick University research?!

Are there not any pictures of ACTUAL research/experiments/books that could be representing us, rather than what looks like a random caught in the headlights?!

Just wondering…..


….thats better….

April 28, 2006

Walking on the Edge….

Honestly…...I do it…..I know hundreds of other people do it?

Espically outside Maths/CompSci where there is a raised ledge? Why do we all feel the need to walk on it and balance?! Are we all that bored we crave excitement from balancing and walking on a thin ledge?

Maybe maybe not….....

April 24, 2006


Coming soon to WTV in Week 23

Roth is saved

An original drama premiere. The biggest student drama piece to air on WTV.

Watch the trailer now at

"A cross between 24, Alias with supernatural undertones...and it works!"

April 15, 2006

Oh Dear. Oh dear Oh Dear.

What is the world actually becoming? Honestly Music TV has sunk to new lows.

Currently Showing on the Hits: "50 Massiv Pimps and Playrz"

Fun for all the self respective growing up impressionable kids then ;)

April 04, 2006

WTV win lots and lots + host national conference!

Warwick TV Victorious at Student Television Awards

15 delegates from Warwick TV (WTV) attended the NaSTA Conference and Awards Dinner in Leeds last weekend and picked up a record-breaking four awards! This is the station's best performance to date and more 'firsts' will follow next year – when the station hosts the 2007 Annual Awards and Conference in collaboration with Guild Television (GTV).

WTV picked up its awards in the following categories:

Live Broadcast - The Big Decision - Winner

Documentary - Jailbreak Episode 1 - Winner

Factual - Go Green 2006 - Highly Commended - (2nd Place)

Video to Music - Is this the Way to WSAF? - Highly Commended - (2nd Place)

View photos from the event here.

Warwick TV is a student society which produces an hour of original, student-made TV programming each week, screened in Cholo between 4 and 5pm. All shows are also made available at link

There are a wide variety of opportunities available to work within the station, for all levels of technical competence. For those who want to perform the more technical roles, a detailed training programme is available, covering all aspects of programme-making. For more information, visit

Additional Information

NaSTA (National Student Television Association) exists to bring together all the student TV stations from across the UK, to help them communicate as a community and overcome problems, to offer advice, and to help new stations set up. It organises an annual conference and awards ceremony to showcase the best in student television, and raise the profile of student television in the industry.

Guild Television is a student run TV station based at the University of Birmingham Guild of Students and is one of only 11 such stations in Britain. Their output includes broadcasting live and pre-recorded programmes, producing commercial videos and collaborations with BURN FM and other societies.

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